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Dealing with the fact that you are going to be dumped in two days.

Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.

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Op has left the thread,,,,,I repeat the OP has left the thread.

You are a fool if you believe that having each others passwords = trust.
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Originally Posted by WorstGirlfriendEver View Post
I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years. We started dating sophomore year of high school and I am now a college freshman. I am going to college about 3 hours away from home and up until this semester it was good. For the most part we kept in contact and were happy. For the past couple months however, it has not been so great. We have both really tried to keep in contact, but between my education and his job, it hasn't worked out well. There is also the fact that he does not trust who I hang out with. I chose to live in a specific part of a dorm building for people in the same majors as me. We all are great friends, and I have met a lot of great guys along the way. I have never felt truly anything for another man since I started dating my boyfriend, but I have liked this guy down the hall for about a month or two and it is not going away.

Two nights ago I messed up. A group of my friends went to his dorm and they played on the x box in the living room. The guy and myself have chemistry class together, so we went to his room to do our homework. After we finished we stayed in his room and talked for over 2 hours. It ended with us laying in bed together and him just holding me. That lasted for about 10 seconds before I said I couldn't do this and that I had to leave.

A little later we went to the community room and talked about where we stood. He apologized for what happened and swore he didn't want to be with me. He said he's been really lonely for a while and he didn't know what came over him. I told him that I did have feelings for him, but I did not want to leave my boyfriend. We decided that there was not much else to say, so I grabbed my homework from his room and left.

My boyfriend got a few days off work and is coming here to stay with me at college in two days. I am going to tell him when he gets here and I know he will leave me. He has every right to and I will let him go because I know he deserves better. I know I have messed up a wonderful relationship with my soulmate and I am not going to make him stay with me. I don't really have a question, I just needed someone to listen to what I had to say before it actually happens. Thank you for reading.
If he's going to leave you over something like this, and your honesty about it then he is most certainly NOT your soulmate and you SHOULD let him go and be happy you did.
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If the threadstarter wishes to have the thread reopened, please use the "Alert Us" button.

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