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anyone have a rock i can hide under?

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Old 2nd March 2006, 5:53 PM   #1
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Unhappy anyone have a rock i can hide under?

let me tell you i had the most embarassing moment of my entire life today and it involved me and my boyfriend's sister. & then you can tell me what i can do to fix this..

first of all, people who have read previous posts of mine know that my boyfriend is moving soon. and his whole family is excited about it, except for him, basically.

& anyone who has AIM knows that they can put up an 'away message' and theres that feature that says 'hide windows' and i always leave that unclicked incase my mom IM's me from her workplace while i'm doing something else.

heres a little background information - my boyfriend is grounded, but his parents went outta town and the person who he was staying with let me come over twice this week. and his siblings, his brother and said, sister, said they wouldn't tell his parents. but his sister did.

okay, on with the story.

i was typing my boyfriend an email and watching my soap opera when his sister pops up and asks me a question about her profile on myspace. so i help her, ex her out, and continue watching and typing at the same time. i'm not paying attention, cuz i'm typing to my boyfriend and plus, Alan Micheal found out that Harley and Mallet slept together on Guiding Light. so this is what i type to my boyfriend, AS A JOKE.

'your sisters profile on AOL, says 'guess what!! i'm moving at the end of the school year!!!' GOD, how can anyone be so excited about that? lol, and then she asks me for help on her myspace? i feel so used, haha. i'm not good enough for her to want to stay here for me, or for her to keep a secret, but i'm good enough to fix her myspace? =( "

yeah.. well, his sister popped up while i was typing that and i accidentally sent the whole thing to her..

this is most definately a legit reason to bury myself alive, right? how do i fix that?!?
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Old 2nd March 2006, 6:03 PM   #2
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You tell her it was message not meant for her eyes & was sent by accident. I wouldn't apologise because I doubt it would be sincere, or you could just say, "I'm sorry you saw that". Unless it really was just a joke, then somehow you're going to have to convince her of that.

Whatever you do I doubt she's going to be asking you for help any time too soon!

Has she said anything to you yet?
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Old 2nd March 2006, 7:54 PM   #3
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oh god.. no, not yet. i've been afraid to get back on messenger. i talked to the boyfriend, he called me an idiot, Lol! but he told me not to worry about it.

but still..
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