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To just let him go or not??

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Post To just let him go or not??

Okay guys, basically there is this boy. And to make a long story short, we are both seniors at the same high school. Our junior year of prom night, he and I hooked up, but didn't have sex because you know that little voice of reason in your head? Well, I got that and also I didn't want my mom to find out because I have so far respected her wishes of staying a virgin. God has helped me to not give into temptation, but that night I almost did.

Anyway, he went and told his best friend what happened and I told my best friend what had happened. Basically his "best friend" came back to me and told me that he said he regretted what happened that night because he feels that I may become clingy. Some best friend huh? I mean even if he was lying (it was the truth he did say that) but the best friend shouldn't have repeated what was told to him, but I am glad he did tell me. So since he opened his mouth like I was the one being "clingy" I went ahead and told the truth:that it was the other way around. He was always calling me, texting me, and always would complain that I be "actin" so to speak when I am around my friends or that I ignore him- which I would always deny to him, but I do ignore him sometimes knowingly. So, this caused a big problem and he and I couldn't stand each other, I called him out in class and embarassed him in class, but I mean I had to set the record straight. If you gonna try to lie on me, best believe I will defend myself. Anyway, we didn't speak at all for a long time, about four months. Well, over the summer he contacted my best friend at four in the morning with a text message saying that: "You got to make something happen with your friend. I never really got to be with her like I wanted."

So, my friend told me and by that time it was July and I had forgot all about him. So she asked me what I was gonna do and I said "nothing, f*** him" So anyway, in the beginning of my senior year, on the second day of school he comes up and hugs me when my best friend and I were talking to his best friend. I looked at him like he was crazy and he grabbed my hand and said don't be like that. And I looked at him and said Like what? And I walked away. So basically, I received a text message from him the next week and it was like Hey, what's up girl? and I never responded. Then you would think he would have given up but he finally got through to me in a conversation in class. Then, occasionally I would speak, but only if he spoke to me. So, this has been going on, and it still continues. Some days we speak, and other days we don't. Remember I never speak. Only he does. He does have a split personality and that bothers me. You see, he likes to argue. For some reason, I am into him, but I know I shouldn't be. He is aggresive though, and sometimes I will admit that I like that. Then whenever he gets in his good mood, I like that too. I don't know why I continue this saga, knowing it is just a charade(guess thats how you spell it). When I ask him what he wants, he told me, "To be honest, I really don't know". And I said, well I know you are only into my physical appearance and he said, no, you are pretty but if you think that you are blind. But I think he is because sometimes he will say: Where is my kiss? But sometimes he does offer to take me anywhere I want to go, but I always make up an excuse to not go or I just don't respond to his text messages. I am afraid to trust him. Even though he told me"we will stop being mean to each other and that sometimes, he just be acting like a jerk". Any comments? please write what you feel.
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