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Sweet things to say

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Old 5th November 2005, 5:42 PM   #1
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Sweet things to say

Hey all,

This is going to be a random and wierd question, but...What are some things that you can say to your girlfriend that would be really sweet and would make her happy? It can be stuff that you would say to a girl that you are in love with. I would just like to know some things to say. Thanks in advance.
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Old 5th November 2005, 5:50 PM   #2
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if you need to ask someone else what to say, it really defeats the purpose... the sweetest things are the ones that show that you notice the little things about her... make her feel special, some generic comment recieved from a message board is just fake.
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Old 12th November 2005, 1:34 PM   #3
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Talking things ive said recently

if love can be said in every language, how come no one can explain what it means, and how much?
baby i am happy and it all because of you
your everything i have ever wanted
and you have made my dreams come true
and all i wanna do is spend my time with you
know everyday i think about you
I would live today forever if I could, if i knew u would be gone tomorrow, to me u r list the most beautiful star in the sky, the only one and only mine,
I try to put how i feel into words and none of them ever seem exactly right, i mean, how can anyone, find words for how much love means to someone, there r 2 things that r impossible in love, one is that, and the 2nd one is comparing you to anything and anyone.

I care more about u, then almost anyone else is my life, i love u alot, i would die for u, in order to save your life, im willing to sacrafice everything I know and love just to be abble to be in your arms, i just love u

ok good, im happy its u, that came into my life, bc i know u care, i know u r gonna be there for me when i need ya, i honestly u know u love me, in my heart, i honestly wanna share every happy, every sad, every single moment of my life with u, i dont mean to rush into anything, but its amazing i feel these feelings so fast and that they feel right, i just happy, i wanna share most of my first times with u, for alot of things, for those and for things non sexual based 2, im just happy its u, i dont care if your family doesnt have alot of money, i dont even care if my family lost its money, i could be dam poor, and hopefully u will still love me, bc i would still wanna be with you, you are my world and idk what i would do without u

~these r from a few seperate convo's we had, online, i see her like every day, but its important to tell someone how u feel about them~

~A Random Guy~
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Old 13th November 2005, 3:38 PM   #4
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Beeeelllll, good point, didnt think about it like that. And thank you heyheyheyhey, those are some good ones
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Old 13th November 2005, 5:19 PM   #5
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My faveo guy gave me a nickname. Not a petname, but a nickname from my real name, and I never, ever had one (my real name doesn't easily shorten). Everytime he says something to me and uses my nickname, I melt. It doesn't matter what he says, I still melt.
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