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Should I ignore what my bf said, or tell him that I don't like it.

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Should I ignore what my bf said, or tell him that I don't like it.

My bf is 29. I am 21. (Check my other posts for details of of our relationship.)

The two of us were talking and to end the conversation, he said "Well, kiddo. I am going to head over to this concert." (He was going out to an event with his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend.) "I'll call you tomorrow if I get back here at a decent hour." (he is in Anaheim, today and tomorrow going to a financial conference. Anaheim is about 40 minutes from where I live and about an hour from his home. The concert is in Anaheim and isn't too far away from where his best friend lives and I don't have a car or my driver's license and even if he asked me to go to this concert with him, I wouldn't have been able to.)

Compared to him, I am still a baby (in years and life experience.) but I've never heard him relate to me as being anything than the love of his life and his equal. He does joke occasionally, but never about my age.

I don't consider myself a child any longer and to hear my bf refer to me using the word "kiddo" really threw me for a loop.

Should I tell him that being called that offends me, or should I just view the use of the word as a symbol of his affection for me and not mention it at all?
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I would not say a thing--if you are secure in the relationship--which it sounds like you are, I am sure it was not meant with any hidden meanings and said with love and affection. Got it kiddo?
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It doesn't sound like he was trying to hurt you. It just sounded like a lame attempt at a "Cute" nickname. Like honey or... sweetheart. I dunno, Never really had many of those. My nickname is "Ya big jerk". But I'm sure my girlfriend is just kidding.... At least I hope so.

I wouldn't Try to analyze it too much, Just tell him you don't like it. Don't start a big conversation, just the next time he ever calls you it (If he ever does) say you don't like it.

That simple.
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