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How bad of an idea would it be to go after a close friend of you ex?

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Old 14th December 2017, 2:50 PM   #1
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How bad of an idea would it be to go after a close friend of you ex?

Well let me clear this up, shes really not my ex actually. Shes a girl I went out with though. 7 dates. We never made it official though, but we go close. We did talk about getting into a serious relationship soon, but things never worked out. We got close enough to where you can say we were both hurt by the break up and there was a mourning period, but not close enough to you can say it was earth shattering or anything. Big deal, but not a big deal you get me?

Anyways, its even 2 months since things ended between me and her. Ive kind of moved on, not completely, but Im not really too sad about it any more and Im ready to date.

Thing is, I follow one of her close friends on social media and I find her to be so adorably cute. Not sure why, something about her. Seems very nice, introvert, nerdy kind of, and shes African American, something Ive always found attractive (I live in a Latino town in Texas so black girls are a gift here). Overall I just want to meet her. I want to to message her through Messenger, but would that be wrong?

Maybe you all should know this however, she and my ex, werent friends for like a year. When I dated this chick over the summer, she had told me that she and this girl had a fallout LAST summer. They werent friends for a while, but when this school year started, they had a class together in college and they kind of broke the ice Thing is, when they started talking again, I was still dating my ex and she was telling were talking but I secretly dont like her, and Im avoiding to talk to her. And that stayed that way, but Im not so sure of their status now. Its been like 3 months since shes told me that. I do see them tagging each other on memes on social media, and they take pictures together (with their other friends in their group however).

What do you all think? Good or bad idea?
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Old 14th December 2017, 3:01 PM   #2
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You are free to ask out anybody you want. Understand she may say no out of loyalty to her friend. You are after all only some guy, while her friend is important to her.

If she does agree, just date her; don't make a big deal out of your 7 date EX.
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Old 14th December 2017, 3:06 PM   #3
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dude you went out with that chick for 7 dates. you can do whatever you want with her 'friends'
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Old 14th December 2017, 4:52 PM   #4
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I never understand why people feel the need to date friend's of Exs ...when there are so many other people out there.

Many years ago I did this...but it kind of happened by accident. I would never have planned having a relationship with a friend of my Ex.

It's one of the relationships I regret having as well.
'Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to'
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Old 14th December 2017, 7:06 PM   #5
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You could try, but I think there's a big chance your "ex" will talk s### about you when you come up in a conversation. (She already did the same to this friend) You're still a stranger to this new girl after all
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