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When a girl says 'sure sure sure' to 'hanging out'?

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Old 3rd February 2014, 5:15 AM   #1
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When a girl says 'sure sure sure' to 'hanging out'?

I'd finished my shift as she started (student job getting us through college so no biggie). We'd flirt and teased and as I walked out I asked her to hang this week. She said 'sure sure sure sure' a few times. Yet she sounded awkward and surprised all the while looking away before looking back and smiling.

Background is basically all that you'd say about a girl who likes you. So how should you take something like this? I told her I'd message her later to organise a time etc and she just smiled and said ok. On a side note, I was originally good friends with her best friend who was very flirtatious and touchy with me but lately I've noticed her being distant with me and mentioning this girl a bit.

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You should take it for exactly what it is. An acceptance of your offer to hang out.

Did you want something more than hanging out? ie. a date? If so it would have been a good idea to ask for that, instead.
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Reach out and try to make concrete plans with her. If she agrees (and actually shows up for the date), hit it like Apollo Creed. If she hems and haws and always has homework/babysitting/best friend coming in from out of town, give her one or two chances and then let it drop.
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