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Been talking to this girl for 5 months and now she wants to move move on....

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Been talking to this girl for 5 months and now she wants to move move on....

So I met this girl back in april ...april 20th to be exact. We met off a dating site and we really started to like each other. We only met once because she was always busy as she says but yet she would always go places with her friends.. As the time went on she would say she fell for me and her and I forever and always. We just had a thing for each other. We argued alot because of things we did such as her joining a dating site, which we both agreed to not talk to other people while we are talking. the past 3 weeks she hasnt said much too me and she did say she isnt ready for a relationship because she has too much going on, but yesterday my ex was talking to my friend ansley and asking about me. Stacie (the girl I was talking to) was in the group chat with my ex and ansley so she saw the messages. My friend ansley would always calm us down if we argued. So yesterday stacie says she wants to to move and she needs space and time to think because at school she is starting to like a guy, and she said she wants space from me so she can think. I asked her if she would want to pick up where we left off and she said there is a 50/50 chance because I might start liking him hard! and she said hes a great guy. She had told me before that I was the greatest guy she ever met. She just turnd 18 by the way and im 20. She joined the dating site because of me being semi flirty with a girl she couldnt stand. Ansley told her thanks for waisting my time and if you talk to me again get your **** together. Ansley is 21 years old and doesnt take anything from anyone but she has always been sweet to stacie, and I would always send her sweet good morning messages and always cheer her up when shes having a bad day. I am a very unique guy as i get told that all the time because I dont play games. Stacie said she would respect if I found someone else. She was like if you like me then you will move on, What do you think about this? she did delete her dating account when i told her
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