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I met a girl. ..what are my chances?!

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Old 14th August 2013, 2:33 PM   #1
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I met a girl. ..what are my chances?!

Met this girl looking for apartments last weekend. She was the leasing agent and right from the jump i felt a connection. She started by asking me what i looked for in a apartment my reply was a nice kitchen and bathroom she immediately started to joke with me saying why i need a nice kitchen its not like i cook or anything! Her response threw me off gaurd but i took it as a bit of flirting?!?! Anyway we walked to the apartment to take a look inside and the whole way there we talked just gettin familiar with one another once we got there she asked me what i thought about the place i said it was nice but i needed to check the bathroom out lol, she then goes into flirting mode again by saying o yeah lets make sure you high class kitchen and bathroom is up to par! I replied by sayin why are you giving me a hard time about my kitchen? She replies because you don't cook at that moment i literally had to take out my phone and show her meals that i prepared myself. She was impressed, when then made our way back to her office where we chatted a little more i asked her for a business card and quickly followed by saying can this be for personal use as well. She said you can reach me here. I then followed by asking her would she be interested in going to eat sometime? This totally caught her off gaurd but she replied by saying where would we go? I told her it was up to her. She got my info and told me she would call but we all kno how that goes! After leaving i realized that this chick didnt even give me a application to fill out for the apartment complex! I then started to think of a way to get her attention more without going back but making it so where she would possibly contact me so i have arranged for flowers to be sent to her job from me this friday.Do you think that this has the opprtunity to go anywhere? any response is appreciated
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She's a leasing agent, so her forte is to sell. You shouldn't put too much credence on it because her job is to sell.

Then again she did say that the business card she gave you, could be used on a personal basis. Cancel the flowers, wait a few days, call her, and take her on a date.
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Old 14th August 2013, 3:48 PM   #3
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I agree some women are just naturally nice like that, maybe i just jumped the gun on her!
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Yes, i definitely think you have a chance. To me, saying you could use the card for personal use is showing you that you have a chance. I think the flowers sound good. I would be excited about those from a guy I liked. Not red roses though....too soon for that. The poster above that says to hold on sending the flowers does have bit of point though...depending on what the interaction between you two thus far has been been, it may read as a bit too much. Don't overthink it though. Do what feels most natural to you and what feels like it would be appreciated by the girl you met. If I liked the guy,and even when I wasn't sure quite yet, it has always felt good to receive flowers. Just a suggestion: make what the card says something light, flirty and playful--even cocky--to offset the sweet gesture of the flowers. Maybe something joke or playful thing about cooking since that was part of your banter. 100% think you have a chance.
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