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Alcohol and being truthful...

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Old 14th December 2003, 3:31 PM   #1
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Alcohol and being truthful...

Ok, me and this guy have been hooking up.
We have been good friends since we were both
15 so it's been well over 10 yrs since we met.

We are in eachother lives as much as we can,
we see eachother maybe once or twice a week.
He works bad shifts and I go to university full
time. We have talked about feelings, both of us
have them for one another, we just can't date
seriously cause we see eachother next to never
as it is.

We do get together alot on the weekends though.
When we do this, we drink...enough to where we get
really Well the last time, he started
to do some really sweet things as well as say them.
He wasn't doing it for sex, he knew he was already
getting it that night. :P lol Anyway, he wanted to
"wrestle" with me, he tried tickling my feet as well
as giving me a massage...things like that. He's usually
fun but not that way, last night was different. He even
told me that he loved the way I laughed. What's up with
that? lol I am thrown back a little.

2 of my friends told me that they thought he was falling
for me. I said "Nah, he was drinking, it was the alcohol."
Then they told me that people are usually the most truthful
drinking. I guess I can see this as being truthful..what do
you all think...advise please.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 14th December 2003, 3:43 PM   #2
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Alcohol definitely causes people to say and do things they wouldn't say or do sober. However, it can either help you express something you really do feel....or it can express something you never meant at all.

There is no way of knowing unless you ask the person the next day.

I get so 'friendly' when I'm drinking, I actually have to write a note to myself in my purse to remind me not to give out my phone number! Then, there are the ridiculous dates I agree to in the future.....AARRGG!
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Old 16th December 2003, 3:55 PM   #3
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My boyfriend and I used to drink together a lot when we were just friends. We ended up together. I do regret that our first kiss didn't happen when we were both sober, but the relationship that grew out of flirty drunken nights together was definitely a keeper.
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