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Huge crush on my colleague!!

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Huge crush on my colleague!!

I mentioned this awhile back... that I have a huge crush on my colleague at the university where I teach a class or two.

As a quick update... Weeks ago, we got together to talk about the classes we are jointly teaching, during which time I dropped some subtle hints that I found him attractive in more than a 'friend' way.

He did too. At that time.

Shortly afterward, it seemed he re-thought his position and took a decided step back into the more professional route. Which is fine. I still have a crush, and I'm fine with that too. I'll get over it.

We had a talk today... and like usual, things end up being blended with work and personal. I'm not shy about asking a guy out, but I'm not inclined to in this case. Told him I was going camping at the same place I went a couple of weeks ago... (but had to bail because my dog had a run-in with a porcupine... which was followed with his stories about his dad removing them... and that he looked up the mountain I was going to).

He asked when I was going to get back. I'm thinking 'tick-tock-tick-tock... ask me out already!!

FYI... in my 20+ years in my field, I've only thought about dating someone I worked with TWICE. It is usually totally off-limits to me. I'm enjoying having this crush... and even if it goes nowhere, it does remind me of one thing...

I would NOT be free to (hopefully) date Mr. Right-Next-Door-Cutie-pie-peer that likes to camp, hike, play with cars, and drive motorcycles (be still my heart!) had I decided to enter into a FWB or Good For Now (GFN)with Mr. Dates-Three-Women-Simultaneously.

Yep, that is what he wanted to talk about. The guy I FZ'd last week... He wanted me to be a FWB while he decided whom he wanted to be 'exclusive' with.

Um. Not so much... I'd rather scrape paint. (which is what I did last weekend, instead of seeing him).

Yes, I know... I'm not eliminating other options that might come along while Mr. Right Next Door is deciding... I'm just glad I'm not sending mixed signals to him or anyone else that I'm not really available because I'm with Mr. Good For Now...
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