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Ex gf getting mean but also trying to befriend my friends..??

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Ex gf getting mean but also trying to befriend my friends..??

So as you can see from my past threads, the ex that I left last year was pretty crazy (prolific liar). After we broke up she sent me tons of texts every day for a couple months, but I maintained no contact throughout that time. My current problem is that while we've pretty much been no-contact, (we have never seen each other since the break up) her and I have ALWAYS been cordial on both sides (a text every so often of "how've you been?" or "Merry Xmas" or something like that) - for some reason she recently got vindictive all of a sudden saying I "was a terrible bf to her.." Stuff she's never said until now. And that we broke up because I "wouldn't let things go." She always did have a knack for changing the past lol.

I try to never bring up the past (what's the point) but this one time she's incessant with her attack so I finally say, "we ended it because you kept acting weird." To which she says for the first time ever, "I don't need you in my life" and "If you text me one more time I'm going to the cops." Out of nowhere. I'm thinking, "Wha..??!! Who is this person?!?" I respond with, "wha??" and she says, "I've already gone to the cops once about you. I'll do it again." I just didn't respond. This was getting weird. First of all, I was always the standoffish one. I never sent her mean things or tried to see her. She was the one chasing me. So this police thing... I have NO clue what she's getting at there. Anyways, that was so weird, I decided to never talk to her again.

The problem is that right after that insanity she then started talking to my best friend's gf for a girl-to-girl. My ex and that girl had only hung out a handful of times through me back when we dated so they weren't really close friends. I think she's filling my friend's gf's head with a bunch of lies about win to win her over. Because the vibe I get from talking to my friend's gf is that she a big sympathizer of my ex. But my ex is now trying to plan out trips now for them to do together. And my ex is wanting to play on my city league vball team, even though she played met my teammates a few times back when we dated.

Look - I understand that starting to hate someone that dumped you can be a normal part of the getting-over-someone process. So I can't totally fault her for acting psycho. But I just wish that if my ex is starting to turn hateful towards me out of spite, that she remove herself from my life completely. And not move in closer on my friends.
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