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On Match - profile not available

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Old 13th November 2010, 3:45 PM   #1
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On Match - profile not available

Hi there

So you know, I'm not taking this personally. Just wondering if anyone has any inside info.

In the past week, I have sent out about 3 e-mails to guys who's profiles then become 'unavailable'. They don't read the e-mails, and I can't click on their profiles.

The FAQ's on match will tell you that it doesn't mean they blocked you, but it's seeming like a strange coincidence to me.

Just now I was online looking at a guy's profile. I sent him an e-mail, and immediately after I hit send I get a 'wink' from him. The first e-mail I sent him was a quick 'hello', and not too much more. Then when he winked I sent him another e-mail and said 'Thanks for the wink, I got it right after I e-mailed you. I'm not sure which came first, that's funny'. Or something like that.

Anyway, he read both of those e-mails, and now his profile is 'unavailable'.

But remember, he winked at me, and probably before I sent the e-mail since the wink came almost immediately after I hit send on the e-mail.


Anyway, anyone have any experience with match? Is it possible these guys are blocking me? Am I chasing them away by being the first to contact them? Coincidence?

When I do e-mail a guy I make it short and sweet. I really figure that if they don't like my profile (or my pics) they won't get back to me so a long e-mail seems really silly.

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Old 13th November 2010, 7:10 PM   #2
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I think you are taking this personally when it has nothing to do with you. I have noticed that a couple of guys will hide their profile and I also find it odd. One guy was right after we met and I was not at all into him. The other guy was right after he sent me an email, which I found really odd. We ended up going out. For whatever reason, don't want someone at work to see or possibly have a gf or wife to hide it from, they're probably hiding it from everyone so don't worry about it.

Just keep moving. I know I have hidden my profile as well, when I got overwhelmed by the number of emails I was getting and had no hopes of responding to many.
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