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When BF is away I get anxious

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When BF is away I get anxious

I was reading something by a dating expert about how important communication is with a man. If you don't get it right you're screwed. It's not about living your own life with or without him it's about making him feel as if he can communicate with you.

I mean what if I screw everything up? Things are going good, but what if I don't "communicate" right.

What IS healthy communication? I think it's is asking for what you want in a mature way and not jumping down someones throat if they hurt your feelings.

Anyone else know what healthy communication is and how to communicate with a man so that he opens up?

This may sound silly if it does just ignore. Thanks.
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Old 21st July 2009, 1:26 AM   #2
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WOW girl...if you get the answer to that please tell!!! I think the woman who hold the true answer should bottle it and sell it and become a billionare!!!!
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When your BF is away, you get anxious and want to know how to communicate well with him to promote intimacy and alleviate your anxiety?

Well, it's a two way street. IMO, be yourself, but be light and flirty. If he's truly attracted to you and emotionally attached to you, he'll be reciprocating in kind.

Save the opening up for the afterglow of sex. Most men connect emotionally through sex.

Healthy communication? It starts with listening, IMO. That goes for both genders. It's something we worked on constantly in MC. Also, it entails accepting and respecting each other's communication style. When a person feels their attempts to communicate are validated and accepted, they feel safer and more open to intimacy.

So, what is it about your BF being away that makes you anxious?
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i guess its just sometimes I think i have it all figured out. Have your own life, be happy with yourself, don't be needy or overly dependent. Then I read that communication is most important and there is a special way you must communicate with a man. You must make him comfortable and promote emotional intimacy. Anyway then I think OMG am I doing that? What if I don't know how. What if I mess everything up somehow?

Also thanks for the responses.

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