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cancels date at last minute? should I take this as a sign?

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cancels date at last minute? should I take this as a sign? I'll admit to trying the online dating thing as of last week, since I've having crappy luck trying to find someone new.
I had thought I'd met someone nice who seemed to be very thoughtful, and who said they really wanted to "meet for dinner".
Then today, the day we were supposed to meet, he says he has a softball game,and can't make it. didn't know that before today? LoL...he says he just found out about it, but I have my suspicions as I saw him online at the dating site at the same time he canceled me.

So...should I take this as a warning sign? He's saying that Saturday would be better for him now...

I want to know if I should just write him off, or if I'm being over-cautious?
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Well, it definitely wasnt the most thoughtful move, for sure. And you would be well within your rights to write him off completely. The only thing I'll point out is this, though. You dont know eachother, and he really doesnt owe you much at this point. If he decided that your date can wait until Saturday, and even if hes on the dating site talking to other girls, thats his right. Like I said, though, youre well within your rights to be done with him.

My advice: wait until Saturday, and see what happens. If he's busy again, then yeah - be done with him. He could just really have forgotten, or be trying to juggle a few dates at once. A lot of men play the numbers game with dating, and try to date as many women as they can until they meet a good fit.
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