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newlywedder 5th October 2017 2:02 PM

I only have acquaintances, no real friends
In this time of my life, I find that I have no real friends that I can talk to about things. I have a sister but she is so busy with her own life. My husband said I am his best friend but I want another woman to be friends with. I did have lots of friends from a gaming group I belonged to, but when we moved away I lost touch.

At church I have all these acquaintances that I'd like to get to know more but I feel they may be too busy. Most of the women at church are stay at home moms so are always posting on Facebook about their get-togethers while I am at work.

Anyone have advice for me?

d0nnivain 5th October 2017 2:09 PM

Find an after work group like your old gaming group. Try asking the SAHM's if they ever do anything in the evenings.

preraph 5th October 2017 3:40 PM

How about neighbors? If there are any you think you might like, invite them to a backyard barbecue.

agse 7th October 2017 2:40 PM

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely! Moving to a new community can definitely be hard and make us feel alienated from others! I think as women we all long to have those close female relationships.
One thing that has worked for me, this coming from a very introverted person, is opening myself up and being able to engage with others. Instead of waiting for someone to invite me, I started inviting them. That was hard at first because I was scared of rejection. However, I started taking chances and inviting women to coffee, or opening my home to them etc. What I have found is that these women were searching for the same connection that I was, and often times they felt just as fearful as I did about extending an invite! I'm glad I took the chance because I have some very close friendships now! Often times, you just need to get up the courage!
Does your church offer any evening classes? Evening Bible studies? I know many churches do to reach out to those that are working during the day. Outside of church, what activities do you like? Crafting? Take a craft class. Working out? The gym is a great place to meet people! What about volunteering for an organization that you love? People are everywhere and longing to connect just as much as we are! Be the person that invites with open arms! Will you get rejected occassionally, yes! It comes with the territory. But the yes's will be far greater then the no's! I hope this is has helped! Best of luck to you!

iVisa 7th October 2017 3:14 PM

Maybe some course?

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