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Does my friend doesn't want to be my bestfriend anymore?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Old 27th August 2017, 9:48 AM   #1
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Unhappy Is my friend doesn't want me anymore

I have this friend and we are very close to each other and talk abt stuff together send memes and express feelings to each other but things change now she doesn't express her feelings to me anymore ,she doesn't spend time chatting with me anymore just for like 2-3 mins usually 20-30 mins and she hangout with other people more and just leave me behind and talk to the person more when I'm with with her friend. I feel so depressed and cries a lot thinking about this. I tried to talk to her but I just can't I feel nervous. And she do the things that I did to her in the past.I know I hurt her feeling in the past but why is she doing the same thing to me back it just hurts . Sometimes I try to just act normal about this but I just can't stop thinking about this it hurts me so bad. I just love her as bff so much I don't know what to do I don't want keep it inside for so long I wish I could resolve this but I don't know how..
I feel like we aren't best friend anymore...
I feel like we're ..idk.. typical normal friend maybe?
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My English grammar is very bad but I think it's understandable :')
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She sounds like she is holding a grudge and should forgive you and move on with the friendship to making it stronger. People that hold grudges are only hurting themselves in the end and it does no good for them or their friend. I am sorry to hear the situation is upsetting you so.
I would write her a message or leave her a voicemail explaining how you feel about things and hopefully she will respond and let you know what things are going on with her feelings.
best of luck!!
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Old 27th August 2017, 4:26 PM   #4
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I suspect there's more to this than you've told us.

Sending BFF memes is not a regular thing in friendship and your post has the feel of unrequited love. I suspect that you are male and she's female and you feel more than friendship for her. I also suspect that this close friendship has been going on for less than 9 months.

If you aren't male and suffering from unrequited love, then it's also a possibility that you've gotten caught up in the excitement of having a new friend and got kind of a friend crush on them. It can happen, but will the friendship will settle down to a sustainable level in time.

Remind yourself that you don't need to be in constant contact with a BFF for them to be a BFF. Both of you need other interests and friends.

What happened when you hurt her? Did you apologise and change your behaviour afterwards? It could also make sense that she's now wary of you and choosing to distance herself from you.
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Old 28th August 2017, 2:44 PM   #5
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I too think you are wanting more than just friendship. Your reactions are way more than just the hurt of a friend. As are your expectations. So at least be honest with yourself. You know, once someone who trusted you as a friend finds out you are actually posing as a friend to be near them when you really want to be more, that is felt by them as a betrayal and it makes them mad.
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