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Three's company

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Three's company

I reconnected with a friend through Facebook a few weeks ago. She moved away about seven years ago (first to Florida, then South Carolina, then Texas) and then returned a few weeks ago. She reached out to me and we hadn't talked in seven years. She was moving here because of her bf, details were sketchy in how she connected to him but she was looking to make a new start back here. Her bf disappeared when she got here - she found out he went to JAIL - and so she moved in with a guy friend Jeff.

Jeff and I had a thing a few years ago, then he threw me over for someone else. I went away for a weekend, then returned and he was with her. He stayed with her for a few years. And then in classic irony, I took up with a friend of his for a while. Then Sandy (my friend who moved away) returned and she moved in with him (as roommates, even though she did date another guy roommate he was living with a few years ago). The two of them got back together, then she said they were going to go out and do things together and did I want to come along? I said sure, I have no beef with Jeff anymore.

And now the three of us are going out on weekends and doing things together - trying new restaurants, kayaking, and next golf (per his suggestion). We're having a great time. We choose an activity to do every weekend. They were saying they wanted to get out and do new things, and I was the missing link to make them complete or the motivation to make them do things. We're having a good time with a lot of baggage, I realize how crazy it is, but the world's full of lonely people.
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Geez, for a minute, I thought I was reading an episode of "Friends"..

Wow, yeah, small world, and even smaller world to find "Real" friends.

I'm glad your life sorted itself, although in a twist of insanity..
I mean, would you have believed this in a Movie ?.

Bottom line, stay friendly, and healthy..
Good luck.

Never fear, Superchicken is here.
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It's great when you can be friends with a couple. It's rare that I've been able to in such an active way, going out and doing things. Some years ago a married couple used to invite me to lunch or dinner, which was great, but things got awkward after awhile because he always paid and so I invited them somewhere and was going to pay for them to reciprocate, but then it turned out the restaurant they'd been taking me too all the time was the only one they could both agree on (and I didn't really like anything there very much). So he got offended over the whole thing and I think felt unwanted which wasn't true. They both had weird food habits, not the normal ones, like vegan or whatever, but like she loved salsa, but only if it was blended to look more like tomato sauce and couldn't stand to see a piece of onion or anything separate it it. I can't remember his, but anyway, I couldn't believe he got offended and basically got turned off me because I asked them to somewhere different one time. Jeez. I really like him, but i guess I might have known, because she had told me she doesn't do anything without him planning it, so he probably just hated someone else planning something.
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