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Should I be worried about this friendship? Or Am I OK?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Should I be worried about this friendship? Or Am I OK?

OK so I have known this girl for 4 years. She's from Los Angeles and I met her on Facebook. (yes she's real). It has been the greatest 4 years of my life so far even I am from another state. She's been a real good friend to me. She has 3 kids as well.

But lately I've noticed things change. She found a guy who does meth and lays his needles all over her house and what not. Sometimes he picks a fight with her oldest son. In February of this year this guy totals and wrecks her car. So she has no car. Then months later in May she tells me that she got pregnant after a miscarriage. I put two and two together and figured out that she had sex with that same exact meth head. She later responds back that the baby has lots of issues and isnt gonna have a good outcome. So being the good friend that I am I decide to talk her through this.

Fast forward to this June. Late in the month. She said the baby has a congenital heart defect which is the same one that Jimmy Kimmel's child has. Meaning her unborn daughter will have to go through subsequent surgeries. I was like ok more stuff. So again I just be a friend. Then first week of July comes and she tells me she needs to make about 800 in 3 weeks. Mind you she has a hobby of selling clothes to make a little money for herself. Then we have a little argument. I get it friendships have their arguments but I couldn't help but feel some hostility between us. She is so stressed out right now. I really feel bad for her. She has no car. No cell phone. Little to no food and no back up ride to the hospital in case something happens. I tell her that she should do whatever it takes. So she tells me that she was gonna go talk to some friends in prison that she helped back then to help her. One of them was her baby daddy of her first 3 kids who abused her during all 3 of her pregnancies. I then tell her I wished I could help her but being that I am 1900 miles away I cant and that I'm helpless. She responds back "Well if you were a real friend and I knew you'd give me everything I needed you would, And you would do that for me." She also told me she was gonna block me on snapchat because she didnt want to stress me out and that she had moves to make and that I dont need to be in it. And she goes "you wont be hearing from me for awhile as I will be busy. I'll try to hit you up in the middle of July to August 15th before my youngest son starts school. I'll try." So here I sit. Stressing out. And she didnt block me from messaging her on Snapchat. I still have access to her.

She's my best friend and I love her. But I feel as if im being used and that I am about to be turned on. Another part of me feels as if things will be ok and things will turn around for her. And that she'll be the same BFF she was to me. What should I do? Im thinking to not text her until her stress and all her issues go away. I don't know what to feel right now. Im in a state of confusion. And yes this was alot to read and digest but this is everything up til right now.

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She sounds like a total trainwreck and I wouldn't bother with her. What kind of a mother has a meth head in their house who leaves needles laying around and fights with her children. Now she's knocked up with her fourth kid by this loser? She's the worst kind of mother. A woman so desperate for a man that she sacrifices the well being of her own children. She's a mess and she going to raise messed up kids.

It's fine to have an online friend but your best friend shouldn't be a Facebook friend. A big part of friendship is hanging out and doing stuff together. In the old days we would call your friend a pen pal. These kind of friendships can be positive and rewarding but they are also limited. Consider making some new friendships with people who can be present in your daily life.
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Hon, what you are dealing with here are addicts who will say anything to get money out of you. These kids shouldn't even be in that household. They are meth addicts who have lost everything because they sell everything for quick drug money. That's the sum total of the story here. She is now trying to use you and I doubt any of the sob stories she's telling you are true.

If you really want to help, call the Child Protective Services in her area and report her. Let social services help them out.

And by the way, no kid in California goes without medical care. If you don't believe me, contact MediCal and California Dept. of Health Care Services. This money is not for her kid. It's for a supply of meth or no telling what else they're shooting. You need to report them and then just stop talking to her. She's a liar and an internet scammer.
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Originally Posted by Kris1225 View Post
Im thinking to not text her until her stress and all her issues go away.
Her stress and issues will never go away. She's an addict. She's toxic and dysfunctional. Her life is will always be a train wreck.

She doesn't even care enough about her own children, do you think she cares enough for you? Unless she can get some $$$ out of you then she'll be your BFF.

I feel so sorry for those children. They are going to be damaged by this woman and her antics.

Also, go out and make real friends. Ones you can see, touch and enjoy.
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