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Is my girl flatmate interested in me?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Red face Is my girl flatmate interested in me?

Hi everyone, this is my second post now...and not sure if this is the correct forum to be writing this up into so if any mod would like to move it, that's fine with me.

Quick background...I moved into a 2 bedroom unit about 3 months ago with one established 21year old British flatmate having lived here for the previous 6 months with her sister. The sister moves out and I move in to obviously cover the other half of the rent. This flatmate has her moments and can shift between being friendly and relatively talkative, to hardly seeing her as she does shift work and is tired often. We get on okay on a whole. Have had a few drinks with her, alone, and also when one of her girlfriends from came to stay once. Generally, its been pretty above-board and platonic. Until today...

Over the last few days she's been getting insect bites over her while sleeping. Could have something to do with the Pine tree we bought for Christmas. However, I've not received any bites at all. She had a work friend stay the other night and she also claimed to have been bitten. Anyway...she text me this morning (I had stayed at a friends last night) saying:

her "Have you been getting bitten heaps by any chance"
me "No I Haven't. What do the bites look like?"
her "Just red lumps I can't tell if it's do with the tree and whatever it's brought in or we have a lot of fly:fleas at work"

I arrived back at the flat within the hour and had a shower before bumping into her in the kitchen on her way to the bathroom. I said "Hey, so what these bites you're going on about?" and then!! she proceeds to tell me "here, and here,and here..and one by my belly button, and one on here, and one here..." which sounds relatively normal right? Except she pulled her stretch tights out and slightly down to show me one bite down on her leg and then the one across from her pubic mound. Again, you might think what's the problem, but she clearly knew she was exposing herself as she had a lacy g-string on and I could see through the lace, obviously seeing her whole front region to the extent I could tell she shaves down you get the drift how much I could see...

Here in New Zealand, flatmates especially GIRL flatmates just don't do that kind of thing. Girls in a flatting situation are discreet and don't purposely expose whats underneath like that, they'd just tell you about it or say" Well I can't exactly show you...". So I a bit puzzled haha.

Does it mean anything or is she just teasing me, or what?


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Old 4th January 2017, 8:42 AM   #2
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Maybe she's just really comfortable with her body. Some women are less shy than others. I wouldn't read too much into it.
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Comfortable with her body and not great boundaries and naive about men, I'm guessing, not realizing even male friends can get aroused. Don't jump to conclusions, though. But if she starts running around naked, tell her you're uncomfortable with that. Sounds like bed bugs.
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Means nothing...sorry. Agree sounds like bed bugs or maybe she has scabies. Hope she showers and washes her sheets.
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