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friend deleted me on fb but still talks to me on messenger

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Old 30th December 2016, 12:26 PM   #1
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friend deleted me on fb but still talks to me on messenger

so i have this friend that i've been friends with for a while. we would hang out a lot and stuff but then he started liking and seeing this girl and she found out we hang out and she doesn't want him to hang out with me anymore or have me on his facebook anymore. so he deleted me but he still talks to me on messenger. they are not together now he says but they still talk a lot and i know he still sees her sometimes. but they are not dating. but he still won't add me back on fb because he still likes her and all but he will still send me messages on fb through messenger sometimes. and he invited me over to see his new place and even this weekend. it bugs me though that we can't be friends on fb anymore. like he is keeping me a secret from her. even though we were just friends and i don't have any interest in him in other ways it still bugs me and i wonder if a real friend would do this or i'm overreacting? should i continue talking to him on messenger and being friends or just say i'm tired of being a secret friend or what? we used to be pretty good friends until all this started with her. i know he still wants her and likes her but we were friends first. i don't know why she cares or is keeping him around if she don't want to see him or date him. it's very strange.
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Old 30th December 2016, 12:33 PM   #2
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He sounds like a sneak and a dick to be honest. He deleted you but still messaged you against his gfs wishes? Sneaking behaviour...
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Old 1st January 2017, 2:34 PM   #3
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I would take this as an insult and not waste my time with someone who claims to be a friend who deletes me off facebook.

I have had friends do this, who still want to be friends but for whatever reason they don't want you on your friends list. I just cut all ties right there.

My feelings is if the person is afraid of their "image" or what people will thinking keeping you on your facebook friends list, but still wants to be your friend that is very disrespectful. Man or woman, I don't tolerate this behavior.

As far as I am concerned when anyone does this "we are done!". I have had people get hurt when I ignore them and treat them like they don't exist, but you know what if I am not good enough to at least be on their FB friends list then I don't want them in my life at all. Good riddance, audios amigo, good bye, nice knowing ya, etc.

I had a woman friend who I caught up with every couple months to have casual sex with. She has a boyfriend, but has guys on the side and I only assume he doesn't know. I felt guilty having sex with her to begin with since I knew she had a boyfriend. She removed me from her FB list since last couple times she messages me if I wanted to meet to fool around and have casual sex and I turned her down. I was pissed and have completely ignored her for months now despite her messages. I shouldn't of been messing around with her to begin with since she has a boyfriend it was wrong of me to do that anyway.
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