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Did i say the wrong thing? What am i supposed to do now?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Did i say the wrong thing? What am i supposed to do now?

So i made a friend a while ago, this friend seems to be the kind that loves to be the centre of attention, and i guess have a slightly childish personality; always wanting people to compliment her by saying negative things about herself, showing off her money or skills, etc. And well usually, when we are in a certain class, this girl and I would sit at the back by ourselves with all our other friends in front of us( because there aren't enough sits). And today, there were 2 empty sits in front, so i decided to sit next to my other friends which i'm closer with, and i also ask this girl to come sit next to me. But she refused and said she likes to sit at the back and want all of us to move. So i told her that we have so many people, and she is only one person, why can't she just simply sit in front. She then get pissed off at me and said she will sit by herself. So i said okay and just sat down.
After a while, she called from the back saying she doesn't need to sit with me anyway, so i said "no one tells you to". Then she ask my other friend to move down one sit so she can sit next to that friend. And that friend told her that there is an empty sit next to me and she should sit there. She then said that she hates me and that we aren't friends any more. And I'm just really shock by what she said. We aren't primary school kids, why is she making a big fuss over who's sitting with who?
She then ended up sitting next to me and telling me that she doesn't want to sit here. Then i kinda got pissed off at her and said "go back then, i really don't like people like this". And we stopped talking since then. Usually she would have lunch with us, and now she's not even talking to us.
My other friends then told me that i was making the problem serious by saying "i don't like people like that" and that i should have just leave it because i know that what kind of person she is.
Now that i think of it, maybe yes i shouldn't have said that but she was the one who started this nonsense. But if i have to apologise in this situation, i really don't think i can do it....
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Lets put this into perspective.

You had an argument with someone because you wanted to sit in a very slightly different place to normal... Gee Wizz!

My advice is just leave it. Its silly, its petty and it will blow over. Talk to your friends, smile be friendly and let it fade into the back ground...

So you don't like people going on about inconsequential stuff... There are millions just like you out there...

When you are 70 neither of you will remember this...
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