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Reaching out to friends from childhood/adolescence

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Reaching out to friends from childhood/adolescence

I have a bunch of friends that I'm friends with on Facebook that I knew from growing up from school. These people were either friends, good friends, or best friends at the time. I haven't seen any of these people in over 10 years as I moved senior year of high school and now live in a different state whereas most of these people still live in the state we grew up in...or surrounding states.

We never talk on facebook, which is common to most people. But, even though hanging out is pretty slim, I kinda want to have a connection to where I grew up and lived for majority of my life. I realize that people I was friends with in elementary, middle, and high school, have evolved and changed and we aren't the kids we once were. But, we were friends, and like I noted, some of these girls were some of my best friends at the time. I know that not every friendship lasts all your life, but I miss talking to someone who knew me as a kid/teen. I'm debating about messaging some of these girls and trying to catch up....not force anything but set the ball rolling if they wanna talk? Maybe it's silly and people move on in their lives, but it sucks that people who I grew up with and have a lot of good memories with now I no longer speak to in any way. I miss the connections with certain people. I know being stuck in the past isn't healthy, but I'm wondering if its possible to re-connect and start a "new" friendship with people you were once good friends with but due to circumstances like moving etc. lost contact with and therefore grew apart naturally but not due to any fights/bad blood?
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Reconnecting with old friends isn't being stuck in the past, as you say. Of course, you do have to be prepared for those with short memories or too busy with families to care, which is what happens to a lot of friendships anyway.

I reconnected with a couple of my school friends and never even saw one (kind of afraid to -- she might be alcoholic or something) but send Christmas cards and sent some photos and we rode horses together so we have a lot of private jokes and stuff that only she and i would share. The other I stay in better contact with and did go see once. I'd go more but I work a lot and have pets. These people who were good old friends may have been out of your life at a period of time because you went separate ways, but they were people who you could entrust with your life and you can't have too many of those.
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