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really negative mean friend

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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really negative mean friend

Hi so im new to this website and ive never really done anything like this but I just dont know what to do anymore. So I have this friend that I have been friends with since I was 14 Im 22 now so almost 8 years now, and he is a really negative person since I can remember. He always wants to fight all of his friends when they tell him anything and its really hard hanging out with him because he gets angry easily. He never congratulates anybody's accomplishments because it makes him feel bad that he is not accomplishing anything in life. He makes fun of me over any little mistake that I make about anything. he is really nice when only me and him hang out but if anybody else is with us he starts bringing up embarrassing things that have happened to me. He used to make fun of me because I was fat, unemployed, and lazy, but now he has gained a lot of weight and lost his job and I have a job now and I have lost 60 lbs and that angers him because now he thinks that I show off the fact that I go to the gym and have gotten in shape. he dropped out of high school in the 9th grade, and me about a year ago I got my GED and im attending college and doing great. He says that school will get me nothing and that I think im so cool because I go there. I have my own apartment now and he still lives with his parents, his Daughter, and his girlfriend. I feel like he hates so much on everyone because he is jealous that the people around him are growing up and he is just staying the same. I am really nice to him and have never told him anything about how his life sucks because I dont want to stoop to his level, I feel like I have always been a good friend to everyone and people like me because I give good advice and treat people how I would want to be treated. All my other friends are nice to me and support how much I have changed into a hardworking ambitious person but he just thinks that I flaunt the fact that I'm doing something with my life. I already told him that he hurts my feelings and that I dont like the way he treats me but he just changes the subject and ignores me. So I have decided to stop talking to him because from now on I will only have positive people in my life that will support my hopes and dreams. The problem is that he is one of those people that finds any little excuse to fight and if I stop talking to him he is going to think that I hate him and he is most likely going to look for any little reason to come to my apartment and confront me about it. I am not a coward I think I know how to fight, I have fought many times in my life out of self defense, but I just don't want that anymore I feel like I am grown now and its immature to settle problems like that. I feel like the only reason I still talk to him is because we have know each other since we were young but I have had enough. Getting him out of my life is the only step left in starting a new chapter in my life. What should I do, how do I slowly get him out of my life without facing confrontation?
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just say you're busy and repeat it til he gives up,,,which can be ages, or get a phone with caller-display and don't answer

he knows he upsets you, he keeps on doing it, so he won't be too surprised to be fobbed of once and for all
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Your so called friend is not a friend. He is a "hater". He doesn't like anything that he can't do, can't achieve, or can't get easily without without working for it. He is stagnant while your progressing.He is jealous of everything and everyone he sees as out of reach for him to achieve (because he is Lazy) or has more personal success. Just tell him to fade away because he will only drag you down with him. Misery loves company.
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Originally Posted by 02diego View Post
He used to make fun of me because I was fat, unemployed, and lazy, but now he has gained a lot of weight and lost his job and I have a job now and I have lost 60 lbs and that angers him because now he thinks that I show off the fact that I go to the gym and have gotten in shape. that anymore I
this person is not a friend of yours. I have no idea how to end the "so called friendship", but this doesnt look like a friendship where friends are supportive of each other, care for each other and try to help each other.
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