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Good friend with low self confidence = hard work

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Good friend with low self confidence = hard work

I've got a very good friend who I've know for years and can rely on etc. We've got similar interests, similar sense of humor and can have a great laugh together. However I've noticed recently that he seems to be going through phases of being normal to getting depressed and moaning about things. He had some girl problems which he told me he took out on his friends, a number of which he doesn't speak to now because of it. He's also very defensive and snaps back at any attempt, however lighthearted, to undermine him. Now I can take this, but it just gets on my nerves sometimes that he's throwing childish insults and acting like a kid. He also goes on about how he hates people, and if we're out he points people out that he thinks are stupid or whatever, which also gets really tiring.

I'm fairly confident, I can talk to anyone, so it can be a pain when you're with someone who doesn't take as much care of their appearence, and isn't as good as interacting with other people. Especially someone who seems to hate being in public. He's probably one of the funnest people I know, and he can be a great guy to hang around with, but its just these moods that are putting me off him slightly. There were talks of us sharing a flat together, but him now not really speaking to any of his current housemates is a massive alarm bell for me. And I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend or anything, I know he's never had a job (we're both 20 btw). I really wish he would lighten up and be more confident and independent in his own life, without me having to look out for him if we did happen to live together, and I'd be concerned about how his lack of work experience, relationship experience, would affect me when I want to do my own thing and start building a life for myself.

Anyone else had a similar friendship or can give any advice?

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