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anyone else hate BF/GF loser friends?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Old 11th April 2002, 9:50 AM   #1
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anyone else hate BF/GF loser friends?

Especially those stupid nerdy a** nosy ones that cant keep their noses out of your personal business???? Somethings should be dealt with between the 2 involved only, wouldnt you agree? Has anyone ever confronted "bad news friends" on this issue?
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Old 11th April 2002, 9:56 AM   #2
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Re: anyone else hate BF/GF loser friends?

I think all relationships are personal and should be dealt with in total between the two parties. However, a lot of people in relationships feel they want to share information with their friends. A lot of people share so much information about their relationship, particularly their problems, that the friends begin to feel a part of that relationship.

If friends have been made privy to the many ups and downs of a couple's relationship, it becomes a soap opera the friends feel compelled to keep up with. It's a natural thing.

I don't think there are any bad intentions on the parts of friends to want to contribute their two cents or to know just what's happening if a member of the couple has been keeping them informed on a regular basis.

You may have kept your mouth shut but the other person may be talking all over town.

You have not given enough details about your particular situation for me to comment on it.
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Re: anyone else hate BF/GF loser friends?

those aren't my friends, that's my family!! And I've learned to ignore them.

But for the most part, I'm picky about the friends I keep, and for the most part, they live in different towns than me. The ones who ARE in the same area as me ... well, they're decent folks to begin with, so I don't have those kinds of problems with them.

As for the jerks my husband likes to hang around with, I don't care for them much because they really ARE losers. We don't have problems with them being nosy, just that they're a bad influence on him, and I don't care for that. So, I conveniently "lose" phone numbers or try to steer him off in another direction when they try to hook up. Sounds drastic, but I'm not interested in a "married single" lifestyle, and I think there are better things to do than watch my husband hang out all hours of the day drinking with these people.

If they can't keep their noses out of your personal business because they think they're privileged to it, then they're also privileged to your opinion. Not saying to be rude, only forthright. Maybe they'll get it, maybe they won't, but at least you've let them know where you stand.
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