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Should I leave the job or talk to my manager?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Should I leave the job or talk to my manager?


This is going to be alot to read so enjoy the ride!

This is about my work relations with Benjamin who is a fake friend. I remember when he first started and I supported him against other employees that were yelling at him for being slow.

We then established a
friendship outside of work. We saw the world cup at our homes, we ate at a restaursnt, we watched movies and played soccer.

I kept noticing that I was the only one who initiated the contact and ask him out. He didn’t even ask so I take that as him being not interested. He were also acting different towards me when we were sitting with co-workers at lunch. The way he talked to me was like «I feel sorry for that guy»

Also! He talked poorly about me too. I didn’t know that until some guy told me that Benjamin was doing it. He told co-workers too and got them by he’s side. I will explain

Because of that I cut my ties with him and he got mad. I think he was talking **** about me because I pissed him off by cutting ties with him. I told him the reason and he still got mad?

I don’t remember when Benjamin started to talk behind my back but what I do know is that after he did.... most of my co-worker was being negative and it caused me to have bad relation with them.

People like Umar, Haider, Mehmet and Hamza were all being dragged in by Benjamin telling other our problems...

Let’s start with:

Umar: I know he’s friend Ali from my previous job. Umar used to visit him after work so I have met Umar before and we did talk but not much. So we had good relation from the begging. We have neutral relation now but my feeling tells me that he also hates me. He’s after all on Bejamins’s side.

Haider: Have good relation with he’s sister so we started good. After Benjamin’s **** talk thing got different. He was laughing at me and when asked he said cause he can.

Mehmet: A neutral start. Last time was when he laughed at me for not refilling everything. I explained that it was no space and asked him why he is so negative.

Hamza: Also neutral but it’s the worst out of all. He said many things that hurt me so I got mad and almost punched him. As for Benjamin, Mehmet, Haider and Umar was like watching a movie.

There is 5 people that hates me because Benjamin dragged them. They had nothing to do with my problems with Benjamin. I don’t understand why he told them and then got them by he’s side.

The last rumour that they spread was «He can’t take a joke so don’t talk to him»

Question is: should I leave my job? Let them keep talking? OR go to my manager?
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Since it's mainly personal stuff, I wouldn't talk to the manager. But if they behave unprofessionally and interfere with YOUR work, then I'd deal with it and admit to the manager that it started out as personal.

For the time being, I would just distance myself from all of them and be extra careful to just be politely professional when working with them, and then I would be very professional with anyone else you are working with but NOT get involved personally unless they initiate it. In other words, lay low. Keep your head down, and just do your job and see if it blows over or just gets worse. Good luck.
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I agree with preraph ^^
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Your manager isn’t going to able to do much unless they start harassing you at work. In the past when I really hated a co-worker (assuming I had gained the proper experience) I usually started searching for my next stepping stone job. Luckily for me any time one of those co-workers appeared in my life I was already half considering looking for another job, they just ended up giving me the extra push I needed.
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