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Why would a coworker go through my personal belongings ?

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Old 1st July 2018, 8:00 PM   #1
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Why would a coworker go through my personal belongings ?

Donít judge me yíall another work post lol but Call me paranoid but I think one of my coworkers may be going through my belongings when I leave my desk
Is it a coincidence but everytime I have something in my bag whether it be a random thing like I had a butter knife in my bag donít ask me how it got there but It ended up in my bag I bring to work and I go down to the bathroom and later on that day this coworker ask me ďdo you have a butter knife to open up a package ď or I like just now I went to take a break and had a bag of popcorn in my bag came back and she asked me if I had some popcorn
Or anything else I may have in my bag is this a coincidence hmmmmm.

Plus sheís extremely nosey I mean she wants to know where I live ...I took off work a few weeks ago and she questioning me asking me where am I going and who am I going with smh .if someone comes to my desk she rushes over after that person leaves and starts questioning me about the conversation we had
Just very very nosey so it wonít surprise me if she did go through my stuff and is getting the okay to do it by our manager this is the type of crazy stuff that goes on at my job ..

Plus I have seen this particular coworker go through other people desks after they were terminated I was little taken aback but didnít say anything

Why would someone who I had a great work relationship with at work go though my personal bag ? Iím always positive and uplift this particular coworker and do something so disrespectful hurts me so much 😞
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Old 2nd July 2018, 1:18 PM   #2
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She is a busybody. A person that meddles or pries into the affairs of others.

Have a talk with her that you are not comfortable about others invading your privacy and space. If she is so bold as to conduct herself as she does I wouldn't bat an eye about saying something to her. Get a locking briefcase or some other type of bag. There are those that just have the "need" to know.
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If you have the ability to lock your desk, lock it.

If you don't, consider putting a piece of tape over a drawer to see if it's intact when you come back.
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