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kaz47 7th March 2018 4:58 AM

So I sorta accidentally saw a coworker/friends yearly review and saw how much money they make. I feel I'm overworked and underpaid for what I do and no offense to my coworker but I go above and beyond what they do. Well they started complaining about how much of a raise they got and they saw something was bugging me. They kept asking what was wrong. I tried to avoid the question and almost got to the point of caving from them pushing me. They put two and two together that I knew something and keep asking if I know something about how much they get paid. I keep denying it but they keep asking. I feel that it going to hurt our friendship if I keep lying or if I reveal the truth. Im not upset with the person at how much they get paid, I think they are a good worker. The only thing I'm upset with them is they pushed me before asking questions about how much I get paid and probably knew I all the time they were making more money. But when it comes down to it, I'm more upset with my company and how they've treated me over the past couple of years. I really need to look for a new job, but in the meantime, how do I make this situation go away with my friend?

preraph 7th March 2018 3:48 PM

Say, You need to stop asking me questions about payroll. It's against company policy.

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