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Might Have a Big Decision to Make

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Might Have a Big Decision to Make

I currently have a job (at a local lab for a company that has nationwide lab locations) that is going along well and am finishing up some management training at that place; it allows me to take on some additional lab roles, makes me a more desirable travel candidate (where we can cover for extended absences or short notice job leavers, and the travel allowance is generous and per diem, so allows for a nice extra check, as I prefer to limit eating out)

It could also allow for a lab management position, especially if I am willing to move. The bump up in salary would be good in my low cost of living area, and current wage is above average for my role in this area. For other areas it is on the low end of average for the role, so I know that a move to some labs would not be advisable.

I have been getting a little bored, but not deeply unhappy, with where I am at. I like my coworkers, for the most part, but we are not super close. However, I did apply for a state lab position, which would be a sizable increase in salary, and better benefits, although some of that increase would be eaten up by cost of living increases. I just got through phone interviews, and find out next week if I am going for an in person interview.

I am excited by the prospect, but am having a bit of cold feet. I do like living in an area that has so many rural recreation opportunities. Though pretty on the level and keep my free time busy in the outdoors, I am a little lonely here, and would likely fit in more with people in the capital city...have lived in a big city before, tend to be more liberal, have some interests that would match up with more people there.

I also want to own a home, and qualify under some USDA programs, which have by far better terms than many conventional mortgages, and FHA programs. I know this decision would likely defer home ownership until I could save up a larger down payment. At my current salary range, I easily qualify for some of the better terms under USDA programs. The other job would put me out of that salary range for most counties in the state, though a couple surrounding the capital should still be in range....that is if I would want to commute, as this is a rural program.

I guess I am a little thrown off, because when I draw up the pros and cons, I really end up somewhere in the middle, rather than a firm lean one way or the other. I guess I am just looking for other perspectives.

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If you are in the middle then it is a less risky decision to make, neutral as it were... just make it.

To me when making a decision the only ones that don't get made are the bad ones any other one swings into the done category.

BTW.. I have owned my own home since my early 20's.. best decision ever back then

good luck
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