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Protecting Your Career From Sexual Harassment Allegations

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is very common for women. But for a long time they've been silent. I'm glad to see women stepping forward and speaking out. There is still an imbalance of power and women still have a long way to go when it comes to being respected and treated like human beings in the work force... I've experienced sexual harassment, myself.

I don't believe the cases highlighted in the media are false, if this is what prompted your post. I know all too well what it's like for women out there. And good men won't be threatened by this, they'll step up in support. It takes courage to come forward.

Anyone who wants to protect their careers against allegations, shouldn't engage in it. It's that simple.

You've made good points in your post, however. The work place and your personal life should definitely be compartmentalized. It's trouble waiting to happen and always has been for men and women, period. For many reasons.
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Originally Posted by thefooloftheyear View Post
As a business owner in a male dominated business, I get saleswomen that cold call at least once a month that are dressed more like they are going to a club or late night party than doing business....And very young as well...Never over 30..Very short skirts and low cut tops..And they are deliberately flirtatious,..I'm not stupid, they know what they need to do to close a guy...

Years ago, I may have let them make their presentation, always being careful and respectful, and even though I wasn't really interested or really didn't have the time to talk, it was a nice break from having nothing but guys around all the time..So I entertained the pitch...

Now, I stop them at the door and tell them politely that I don't have time to talk or I am just not interested....I just don't need the potential aggravation...

I do think it is an issue now...Its not just a criminal thing, either...If someone wants to wreck your life, the power of the internet/social media allows anyone to broadcast something onerous that can be seen by thousands instantly...There isn't much recourse. either...

Thankfully, I am not in any kind of corporate world, where I am sure the opportunities are more frequent....I think guys do need to be more vigilant and on their toes...

Yeah - we live in the day and age that everything in the workplace, false or not, can be used against you - therefore the fool proof way is act aloof and disengaged even if a coworker is approaching you in a bar-appropriate attire Iím a woman but can see this coming for women as well... Basically whoever has the upper hand need to be staying with eyes wide open for manipulative tactics.
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