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Health versus not letting people down

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Health versus not letting people down

I work part time at a fitness center as an instructor. I have been having a bad problem with my foot. An old injury flaring up. I have been teaching my one class a week, which is a different format which doesnít hurt me as much, but my usual class is hard on my feet with jumping and impact. Recently, the gym owner wants to have a demo night, for all instructors to teach for a half an hour for everyone, and she wants me to do my usual class which has been hurting me, but the format which hurts my knee. The other night it was killing me. I was getting scared. I also read online that sometimes it may feel fine, but inside its getting worse, and then it comes back and is really bad, so I donít want to push it. I am not sure if I should back out of the demo thing, to rest myself. But then I also could gain more clientele for my classes by demo-ing my fitness class. I also donít want to let the gym owner down, but at the same time, Iím not looking to have to have surgery on my foot, so my health is important too. The owner insists I teach this format, as the other instructors have already covered the other ones, and mine is specific to me as I am certified. I want to be seen as a reliable teacher. What should I do?
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Go to a doctor. Find out what's actually wrong. Get treatment for it & a note from the doctor about what you can & can't do physically. Perhaps engage one of your best students to demonstrate any moves you can't make.
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If you battle through the demo then when it comes to your actual classes you're not able to deliver so it's currently false advertising.
What has the gym manager said about that?
I doubt she would be happy with it.

Aside from that, losing the use of your foot temporarily or longer term if you need surgery for the sake of once a week fitness instruction sounds silly to me.
It would affect other areas of your life quite drastically.

I had a foot injury several years ago which sometimes still affects me now but when it first occurred there were a load of things I couldn't do and it was months before I was back to anything like normal again.
Mine was a ligament injury and to say it was painful was an understatement. I had 6 months of physio which cost a fortune and the first place I went to created another issue which I hadn't had before. They actually damaged both feet for several days with a procedure they did.

Is it worth it OP?
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