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amkxoxo 4th October 2017 9:55 PM

Should I Do It?
So I am 25, with a stable business career. I went to college and have an undergraduate degree. My organization has ties to my college and we often go there for events and I am still known there as someone who is a connection. I also decided to go back to school at night there for a higher degree. So I am a part time graduate student. I've made graduate friends, but I am still known around the school as an business employee at my corporation by day.

When I was in my undergraduate there, I participated in chorus and singing groups. It was my passion and still is. Since then, I have taught and continue to teach when I have time. I practice and keep up with trends. I have a lot of experience now, but after a vocal injury, I was never able to go further, but am a skilled teacher and singer still. When I started school again for my higher degree, I went to see if I could rejoin singing groups and chorus that I was on in my previous school time, but they told me that sadly they only take undergraduates. Recently, a new team is being formed by undergrad students. An acapella group, which we don't have. I inquired and found that they are taking all students, so graduate students. We had a preliminary meeting and now they are trying to set up auditions to try out. I know I can make the team, but am unsure if I should go in that direction. All the students are undergraduates that are joining. The girls running it are young and figuring things out. They already mentioned doing fundraisers, getting jackets, and doing on campus performances. I'm unsure if I am too old for this. I did this in my undergrad already, the car washes and bake sales. I wore my chorus jacket proud for years and sometimes still do, but do I want to sport a new jacket to work?

Do I want to perform on campus for 18-21 year olds, and have people from my work walk by when they visit the campus? People at work know I am in school and they highly support me. They also know I love singing and teach in my spare time. Me being on the team means following young girls leading the team, singing there songs, following their rules, and I'd go from being a teacher to a team member. I'm not sure if this is the right move. I love singing, and its truly my passion. I miss performing and singing with a group, but just don't know about this. I'm unsure if I should go to the audition which is in a few days and could use some insight...

d0nnivain 5th October 2017 6:57 AM

You enjoy singing. This is an outlet for you to do that. An audience is an audience. As long as it doesn't detract from your day job, nobody at work will think less of you for performing.

Do back off the leadership roles: 1) . you don't have time and more importantly 2). the undergrads need the leadership experience Offer advice if asked but don't interfere. You don't want to be seen as the controlling mom type.

newlywedder 5th October 2017 1:33 PM

Yeah like d0nnivain said, you should follow your dream. It may be a hobby now but it could lead to something more down the road. If you have an outlet to practice your singing and help others then I see nothing wrong with it.

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