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amkxoxo 27th September 2017 11:38 PM

What to wear to a work event
My office is hosting this big work event tomorrow and a lot of other offices and companies will be in attendance. My office has polos that have our company logo on them. Everyone in our office wears it, except our boss, he wears a suit. His rule is you wear the polo and be more casual and easily identifiable with the logo, or you wear dress up professional clothes. The last few events I have worn dress clothes. I consider myself a stylish young woman and I like looking nice. I'm conflicted if I should wear the polo like everyone else, or if I should dress for success and dress up. Everyone else mainly wears the polo because we are always running around making sure the event runs smoothly and answering questions from people. I like to look professional and have some heads turn when I walk by. Its just me.

A little back history ... I feel like when I don't wear the polo, the other woman in the office look at me and think I am not conforming. Maybe its just in my head, but I feel like they look at me like I am better than them. They have the option of dressing up, but they choose not to. I like wearing dresses and heels, and the polo is comfortable, but not my style. I also hate how we all look exactly the same. I like my individual style to shine through.

I'm so stuck on what to wear tomorrow. I have a few nice outfits picked out, some with dress pants, skirts. And then I have the polo sitting out of which I can wear with jeans.

What should I do?

darkmoon 28th September 2017 3:55 AM

wear the Polo, stop making like you are better than your colleagues or resentment will ensue

clia 28th September 2017 9:09 AM

A polo shirt? No thanks. I would personally choose to dress up.

d0nnivain 28th September 2017 11:14 AM

If part of the event is for customers to get to know your company & the product, wear the Polo. It's part of the branding / marketing process. If you are not the boss or upper management & the clients can't identify you then you are wasting valuable opportunities. A little conformity in this situation never hurt anybody. If you want to set yourself apart wear khakis not jeans.

GemmaUK 28th September 2017 12:34 PM

Definitely go with the polo.

I used to work for a couple of companies who had these types of events and there was a choice what to wear but that choice given was a large part of it to see who would be a team player.
At one place they even had a set of kind of insiders to monitor people, what they wore, how much they threw themselves in, how much they approached others and were approached etc. I only know as I was one of the insiders.
They also set up cameras whenever we did exhibitions and after the event would check out the weak/strong players and those who were approachable which also involved people wearing different outfits. I also was asked to help out with that analysis too.

It was fascinating stuff and overwhelmingly positive for branded dress (which was just polo shirts btw) over the 'dress to impress'. Branded was far better for impressing customers, partners and directors too.

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