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alsudduth 12th September 2017 1:53 PM

My Job - feeling stuck
I've been at my job now for 10 years. When I started, I loved it and excelled quickly. I have lots of flexibility, am not micromanaged, can have unlimited PTO (within reason obviously) and I am paid quite well.

So what's the problem right??

Well, I've grown bored. I've become so good at my job, that I can get an 8 hour days worth of work done in less than half that time. I'm sure most people would kill to be paid as much as I do to watch hulu all day waiting for work to come in. I do minor programming work, and do not have the schooling or experience (and not sure I want to) to take on more complex coding projects. In essence I feel like I've reached my maximum potential at this job and the mundane-ness is making me lose motivation for just about everything.

I feel like I want a new job, but my issue is that we just moved to a small town so unless I find another remote position I don't foresee getting a job making even close to the money I make now.

Ideally I would like to find a new remote job, but even then I'm concerned about having to take a pay cut. I make the majority of the household income and the flexibility I have here is a major incentive for me to stay put. But I feel like I grow more unhappy every day.

What would you guys do?

DarrenB 12th September 2017 2:32 PM

Compared to you, I'm still a youngen but even I can acknowledge 10 years is an awfully long time to be with a company. To me, anything over 5 years exceeds that thought.

I can imagine after 10 years of being within the same position (unless you've been promoted or transitioned into a different area, but that wasn't clarified or brought up from what you said in your thread), that it gets incredibly repetitive and more often than not you feel you want to explore more horizons and opportunities that are out there. I'm sure you're more than qualified and able to do so.

People always conflict with their work life and have the choice between choosing a job which would be more 'suitable' and challenging for them, but in doing so having to accept for example: more stricter rules, less annum pay, no bonuses etc and I guess that's the primary reason why people tend to refrain from considering a complete relocation in job and/or their occupation.

Although, the fact that you said 'but I feel like I grow more unhappy everyday' is an obvious indication that your time with this company/in this job should now be concluded. I've left business and customer service jobs myself for multiple reasons... one of those being I also felt miserable as each working day began and ended. What you should always prioritize is your health and well-being over anything and everything else. You have to ask yourself on a constant basis if you have these thoughts, 'is the pay really worth risking my happiness?' 'Is my misery worth the couple hundred dollars more than what I could be earning elsewhere?'

If I were you I'd just do some searching in the meantime, ease your mind for a bit and see what opportunities are out there in your area and vicinity.

I wish you the best of luck, godspeed.

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