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Im into my manager....what do I do?!?!!?!

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Old 23rd May 2005, 2:15 AM   #1
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Question Im into my manager....what do I do?!?!!?!

I need advice quickly! My head manager at my work and I have incredible chemistry and flirt regularly. Hes 30 and I'm 20, which doesnt matter I guess. Co-workers tell me all the time that they can see he's "workin his game" around me and he has made comments in the past, to me and to others, implying that he is attracted to me. He and I also have openly discussed the fact that we are both single. I have told others and hinted to him that I also find him attractive.
We work at a media/home entertainment type store so the environment is quite casual, and although he goofs off with his employees often, he is a great manager who is great at what he does and is in a well-paid and well-respected position. That makes me wonder whether he would risk controversy and make a move. He is also aware that it is possible that I may be leaving this job in August to go away to school, so I want to figure out what to do soon!!!
He is someone I would like to date, rather than someone to have a short, secret romance with (not that it's out of the question!). I have another job and this one is mainly to have some extra spending cash, so I really don't mind if I quit or am asked to leave. If me and the manager started anything I would quit in a heartbeat if I had to. But I would also be up for keeping it a secret while still working there also. Our co-workers are great and would probably not trash talk us or think that im being favored if they found out, because I don't have a position to where my manager can really even favor me!

I am afraid that if I say anything to him about it, and he does reject me, that I'll be losing a job and not gaining (him) in return. But then I don't know if I want to just keep waiting for him to take the initiative either. He may not make the first move out of fear that I would reject him and tell someone or that I would consider it sexual harassment maybe and his job would be jeopardized,(I have dated a manager in the past who told me that he had those fears). Should I flirt stronger and just be more forward with my flirting? Or should I talk to him about it?SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME HELP (or courage!!!!)
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It's usually a mistake to date a co-worker; doubly so if he's a manager. Wait until August and ask him when you leave.
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Courage, girl!

This will be frustrating in the meantime, but if you really really like like like him ...

Play it cool for the summer. Don't say anything more to anyone about liking him. Be nice to him, but tone down the flirting.

In August when you leave, let HIM make the move.

Until then, enjoy working with someone you like so much!
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Old 24th May 2005, 4:30 PM   #4
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Thanks for the advice guys.......hopefully it is worth the wait!!!
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