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did i do well on my interview?

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did i do well on my interview?


I went on an interview last Friday. I'm hopeful but I couldn't really read my interviewers. Usually my gut feeling is good but this time I'm not sure at all! I tend to feel I bombed but then there were also good parts.
- I went 10 min early and the hiring manager looked a bit annoyed (i think) or overwhelmed and had me wait for 5 minutes or so to finish some paperwork (is this a sign they hired someone else??). Then he came back with 2 more people.
- They asked me a lot of questions. About processes, my working style, my past achievements etc.
- Unfortunately I have anxiety issues and sometimes it shows. I think it was quite apparent. In some questions my syntax was awful, and stuttered a bit. In some others I was articulate. I dont think I sold myself that much. But at least I have my CV and a mini project I prepared for them to do as much talking as possible.
- Hiring manager nodded when I sad my opinion about things but without a smile. He was quite grumpy in general but he did smile a bit when I tried to make lighthearted comments. I found him a bit intimidating overall because he was very tall and he had these alpha male crossed legs and was completely turned towards me.
- In general the panel and I agreed in many work-related topics about processes and strategy.
- Hiring manager remembered many things from my cv, even the area I live (we are in a big big city)
- They quite liked the mini project that I did for them as part of the interview process.
- Hiring manager said that this was the most efficent nterview they held. When I asked why he said that there were candidates that wouldn't stop talking and wouldnt take the hint when they tried to wrap up.
- My interview lasted for about an hour
- When leaving I told them Im very interested. Then the hiring manager said "ah, yeah! we will notify candidates by Tuesday next week"

How do you guys feel I did? As a gut feeling because it's never possible to know for sure.
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Ive done most of the talking in my successful interviews.

they did most of the talking in my failed interviews
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hmm.. interesting. in my case it was equal. i asked them many questions, some of them complex (that one guy blushed a bit while he was trying to think of what to answer)
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I think doing an assessment of what you could have done better in the interview could be helpful for the next interview, but I wouldn't recommend it just for gauging whether or not you'll get the job.

Honestly, you can do everything right in the application process and still not get hired. I've had situations where I thought I interviewed great and still didn't get the job. Maybe they already had someone in mind for the position. Maybe they wanted a sexy blonde for the job. Maybe they didn't like the way I combed my hair that day. People get hired or not hired for all kinds of bogus reasons that have nothing to do with your responses to a bunch of bs HR questions. so I wouldn't spend too much time replaying this interview in your mind.

Just interview, think about what you could have done better, then forget all about that job.

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Hope you got the job!

If it makes you feel better, the last job I interviewed for, I was flown out to CA for final interviews with 4 people. The first person asked me a bunch of math questions (Math is not my strong suite) and so I was quite flustered by the time that interview finished....The second person I seemed to jive well with and felt great when she left the room....until I had the 3rd person, who I was struggling through the interview...He was showing me something on his computer and he got an email from my previous interviewer. It popped up in the corner with a preview and the subject said "Amber - Not really account manager material, but...." Then the interviewer minimized so I didn't see anything else.

After that interview I had a brief break before my final interview and I went into the bathroom and cried. I had my last interview which also went okay, and as I was leaving a former coworker walked in for interviews as well - who had more experience in the role I was applying for. I left that day to fly home just sure I had blown the interview and that if it came down to me and my former co worker he would get it for sure....

But fast forward 10 years....we both ended up getting hired, he no longer works for the company - but I do, and I've outlasted every single person that I interviewed with, and have rose to a pretty great role in the company, and in the course of 10 years have almost tripled my salary from where I started.

I hope you are given a chance to prove yourself as I was. Every person I interviewed with came back at some point to tell me how glad they were that I was hired. I even had one of those people try to recruit me a few years ago to the company they were at now. (I looked into it, and even accepted an offer, but my current company countered with an offer I couldn't refuse)

In summary - even if you feel like you did terrible in an interview - don't get your hopes down until they respond with a NO.
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