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in my situation, should I continue asking for more responsibilities..

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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in my situation, should I continue asking for more responsibilities..

hi all,
I am in my early 30. I am well-educated and I am willing to grow.. get more work experience in order to get my professional destination.
I am working in a good organization, well pay, well benefit...I thought as long as I work hard, my boss will give me opportunity to learn or do more...but i think my manager really hate me...I really like to do job A and my VP suggest my manager to give it to manager said she needs to do sth with it and later pass it to me...but later she gave it to a temp in our is kind of senior level job but related to my current will be much easier for my job and for job A is I do it as well...but she prefer to train a 60 year old lady for that job task but actually that lady does not care the job, she just want to earn money...she prefer to do simply, easy job and relax her days....I feel my manager hates me...

it comes to the time to set up new year goals...she told me if u want learn anything, u can tell me....should I continue ask for job tasks? or she just want to humiliated u want apple, I do not give u, you want a pear, I still not give...kind of game...

she messed around with our big boss and she think I want it as well...but I do not...I act clearly we only have work relationship... but she is so jealousy....right now he left from the company...but she still hate me...see me as her enermy...I began to pray have a female boss, then she will not be so jealousy...but it seems our org prefer male in that position....I just feel I do not have future here...and she try to make me quit...

what I should do...only way is to quit? I have a toddler, this company is really stable...I am so stressed out by her everyday...
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You should absolutely continue to ask for more work & more challenges. You need to document the requests & make note of who got the opportunities when you did not. When you get the tasks, do you best & document your achievements. If your manager who doesn't like you later gives you a bad review you will have the evidence to refute those allegations of substandard work. Your employer cares about production not petty squabbles so keep doing good work. It will pay off in the long run.

Learn to meditate. It will help calm you. A few deep breaths at your desk will bring down your anxiety when the boss upsets you.
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