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How do I cope with my anger?

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Old 31st May 2017, 2:37 PM   #1
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Exclamation How do I cope with my anger?

I am currently working in a really ****ty job environment and am currently looking for work elsewhere. Manager doesn't provide any communication and lacks it, some of the girls at work are very catty and two faced towards each other (there was a fight today about someone overhearing them being bad mouthed and being owed an apology--manager said it wasn't necessary). Among other things.. It's all high schoolish.

I was told to try and calm down and stay positive but I just can't. Being as angry as I am now is never in my mood vocabulary. I'm either happy or sad about something. So now that I have this newfound anger I don't know how to control it. I get angry, you can see I'm angry. I shake, I can't control my voice, I become agitated.

I must ask, how do I control and cope with my anger for the next month or so until I'm able to find another job? Thank you.
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Its just a job, its not your life. When you leave for the day, you leave. It. Is. Not. Your. Life.

You are looking for another job, you will find one. In the meantime, go to work, do your job, dont get angry or mad. You dont have to. Theres nothing there that has to make you angry. Its only a job.

Every time you feel yourself getting angry, take a deep breath and step back.

Its only a job.
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If you're in a relationship or have roommates, I suggest an intense workout routine before you head home. Go to the gym or for a run directly after work. That way you're not bringing a lot of negativity from work into your home life.
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I highly suggest if you have remaining annual leave that you take as much as you can. After all, you're obliged to and it's probably wise and beneficial for you because 1) it's paid leave and 2) it allows you to recuperate and unwind for however many days.

However in a working environment I'm not entirely sure... if a line manager or employer feels you're unable to cope or you are perceived that way then they should be able to provide some sort of alternative for you, but obviously considering you state that your current manager's communication is incompetent then that's an obvious issue.

It's better to relieve the stress than provoke it, and obviously being in the current state of mind and wellbeing that you are, being at work obviously isn't proving to help. Take some time off
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Maybe this might help......when you're getting, (or are), angry try to force your mind to use another part of your brain to shift your focus from the emotion. Begin doing times tables in your head, or recite a poem, anything which takes your focus from the emotional itself and moves your focus to problem solving or trying to recall something.
Sadly, women can often be catty and back-stabby and it's very difficult to cope with in a work environment as you can't just physically remove yourself from it. Maybe some counselling to help you understand what motivates the behaviour might help you to see it in a different light and not be so offended by it? Mostly it's driven by petty jealousies, insecurities, and competitiveness, and learning to let it roll off you can be a useful tool for women in the workplace, helping you to get ahead in your career. Women so often complain of not being considered for opportunities and blame their gender, etc, but often it's their own behaviours which sabotage their ambitions.
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