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What is most important to you in your job/ work life?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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What is most important to you in your job/ work life?

Ive been working part time in the health care industry for a few months now and have been interviewing for a full time job. I've had many shady offers a few good ones. Right now I'm trying to choose between 2-3 offers. Each has drawbacks to a degree. For example, one specialty is boring, pay is 10-15k less than the others but it's a steady schedule, in my ideal location, low stress and I'd never have to chart at home. Second job pays the most, is in a less than desirable location (where I currently live), there seems to be drama between the doctors in the group, and they seem to have different ideas of my role in their practice. Third job pay is in the middle with pay, location is closer to my friends, i got a great vibe during the interview from everyone, but the speciality is very broad which kind of frightens me as a "relative new grad".

Deep down I know the third job would be best but the fear of being horrible due to the broad scope of practice scares the heck out of me. I don't know if a little fear is a good thing or a warning sign.

What are the most important factors for job satisfaction in your line of work? (Mental stimulation? Ease of job tasks? Schedule? Location? Work life balance? Work environment? Etc.)
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There are many pros and cons to my current job. Every time I'm having a bad week, I consider changing jobs. If I did, I'd get paid more and have more challenging/meaningful work; however, I like the flexibility my job provides and the working conditions. I have a desk where there's lots of privacy, which means I actually get **** done and people aren't bothing me every 5 minutes. So to answer your question: flexibility and not long hours.
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I like the third job. I would just have a talk with them about the broad spectrum and quiz them to be sure you have the qualifications to cover that spectrum. Nothing is more important than the people you work with. That said, people come and go and one new boss can ruin a long career.
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Originally Posted by Gillys View Post
What are the most important factors for job satisfaction in your line of work? (Mental stimulation? Ease of job tasks? Schedule? Location? Work life balance? Work environment? Etc.)
I wouldn't know. Ihave been doing my job for such a long time that I have become numb to it and have zero satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The way I look at it, its just a job that I have to do to get my pay cheque and pay for food for my kids and my mortgage.

My personal advice -- people in the workplace lie and bull**** left right and center. Interviews are just that -- an initial interview for them to meet and see the face behind the resume and for you to see the location of the place you will be working at. Once you get the job and start working there, give it 3 to 6 months and you will find out the real politics of the place and the ugly underbelly of it (whatever it is). After that you are in the corporate culture of the place (whatever it is) and you have to deal with whatever comes up in the most professional and mature way you are capable of doing it.

From you say, I would chose the place with the least commute. Pay is here and there, you will get taxes and taxed at different tax brackets, so unless it's a ridiculous higher pay, it may turn into into a hundred or two hundren bucks more per month. It's a lot nicer to be able to get home 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour earlier and have more time for your own personal life. Maybe even the cost of the commute will work out of even out. Who knows.

My advice is, don't forget a job is just a job. You have a personal life and is just as, if not more so, important than "the job".

Good luck.
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The vibe I get from the people at the office is most important to me. If it's a good work environment with understanding people, then it doesn't matter if the work is somewhat challenging. They will be patient with you as you're learning. If you're working for difficult people, though, they can give you simple tasks to do and still stress you out because they'll want everything done in a short amount of time with no errors. Having understanding, non-judgmental bosses and co-workers would be my top priority.
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Thanks everyone! The third job has some of the qualities that you guys (and me) think are important.
-It has the most flexibility and autonomy three 12 hour shifts a week. Is closer to the mountains so nice hiking trails on my days off. Close to friends so nice work life balance
-The first 2 jobs have difficult people. I can easily see the doctor in the first job making a simple job incredibly difficult with his personality.
-People/vibe: I got the best vibe from the 3rd office. Like you guys said people come and go in an office. The third office has the largest staff and I got along with everyone that I met. This was not the case with the other jobs.

Again thanks everyone! I've been on so many interviews and turned down a lot of jobs that had many red flags over the past 2 months. In my line of work it's easy to get a job offer due to the demand; however, it's common for new providers to get locked in to toxic contracts which can ruin you with lawsuits or burnout. So I've been trying to be particularly cautious and look at all angles before I sign (especially after hearing the horror stories from a few former classmates who are already working).
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