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Thrown Under the Bus.. again?

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Old 10th January 2017, 4:23 PM   #1
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Thrown Under the Bus.. again?

So I've got a cowoker.. single female that's asked me out a couple of times which I've politely said no to as best I could. Anyway I've got a big project I need to work with her on.

We're both upper management and have separate department directors we report to. My director, level headed, logical, highly intelligent and willing to listen. Her director is highly emotional, runs on his "gut" more than anything else, highly intelligent and like all senior management under all sorts of pressure.

We're working on a project that's been stop and go due to factors beyond our control. I'm waiting on a green light to deploy the project however said coworker is giving things a once over. I ask her numerous times via email, phone and text if there's an issue to let me know so it can be resolved. Well she did.. She sat down and typed up a grand email cc'd her director and mine basically saying.. I told you this was broke and you said it was fixed.. it's not fixed. In that very instant I wanted to punch someone. Seriously how do people work as a "team" if half the team expects perfection then tosses you under the bus the very second it isn't perfect. Yes I missed the "broken" part because I took the word of another coworker that it was fixed. Did I toss them under the bus, no I'll find a fix and move on.

It's left me highly annoyed to put it mildly. I'm really pissed she did that. More so because while trying to be "nice" i helped her with a project outside of work that saved her a $hitload of money. The thanks I got was.. oh here's a train coming let me shove you in front of it. I know she's under a lot of pressure of her boss who honestly I can't stand most of the time.

This isn't the first time this has happened and it's now the last time. I'm now entertaining the idea of working elsewhere. This company came to me to work there, offered what I wanted to pay and benefits and I can go elsewhere. I accept I make mistakes, I fix them and move on. I accept she makes mistakes in which case I phone her or email and nicely say this is off vs painting on a giant billboard "your an idiot". At least that's how it feels.

Much better, rant over now I need a beer and a good sleep before tomorrow.
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Yeah, some people over react. All you can do is handle it with composure. Have a conversation with your own director about the situation. Make sure they understand that this situation was escalated unnecessarily in case there is any further fall out.
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Sounds like it could be that she's trying to stick it to you for rejecting her several times. You need to start documenting all of this. You shouldn't have to be the one quitting your job.
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