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Am I being harassed?

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Old 5th January 2017, 7:01 PM   #16
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What? Hurts his feelings because he can't see down your blouse? What a tool. Yes, report this whole thing to the manager and tell them he or whoever said he was looking for a new job, but just in case he's not, you will need to deal with the issue.
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Old 5th January 2017, 7:02 PM   #17
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Whatever you do, put it in writing so management knows you're serious.

Oh, just saw your update. Hope he goes away soon. Don't expect it to be immediate firing. They can't do that without some liability. Have to warn. But maybe he'll get mad or his feelings so hurt that he'll quit. Hoping. Then you be careful and don't let him follow you home or anything the next couple of months.
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Old 6th January 2017, 9:48 AM   #18
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Talk it to higher ups and HR. This is harassment and needs to be addressed by your company. He is grossly over stepping.

And as someone who is well versed in employment law, just because you gave him your cell number prior does NOT mean that it is not now harassment. One has nothing to do with the other. I would advise, to put clearly in writing do not contact me again, if you haven't said that already but I believe that has been done. Take screen shots of the texts, please don't delete them and give to HR.

He is not correct on his assumptions on what he can tell others to do, wear, etc. and this needs to be addressed clearly with him. Are you his current manager? If you are, you need HR to help sit down with him to address this and I would advise trying to have him shifted to another team if possible.
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Old 4th March 2017, 2:26 PM   #19
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Thank you every one for your advice and support. Unfortunately, it has been a few months now and he still works for the company but only 2 days a week.

I am his supervisor but we still have a manager that makes the schedules. She scheduled me to work with him at night once and I told her that was not ok. She said she "forgot" about my situation. And sometimes people need shifts covered and I have to beg them not to switch with him on those two days if it means I have to be around him for an extended period of time.

It just sucks to feel like management and HR don't care and don't take things like this seriously. Story of my life these days and I'm so fed up.
Anyways, just thought i'd post and update and rant a little.
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Old 4th March 2017, 7:29 PM   #20
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Him saying not to wear certain clothes I think sounds like he is narcissistic. As if his feelings are uppermost to anyone except him.

I would certainly report it to someone if he does not leave soon. Make a list of dates and times he has said stuff or done something inappropriate. He is also controlling, it sounds like. He sounds mentally unstable and probably could become a real problem. Don't cut him any slack or give him any hope. And tell him "Stop telling me what to wear. It's none of your business."
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