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Applying for a new job...

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Applying for a new job...

Hi folks!

I could use a little advice. Well, a lot of advice actually. If you read all of this, thank you.

I have been wanting to relocate to a bigger city for work that has a more competitive market. While I do love my job, I am not happy where I am living. I have lived here my entire life, went to college here, and was lucky enough to be offered a full time position at the same company I interned at during school. I was very upfront with them that I did not have intentions to stay long term, and that I couldn't promise staying more than a year. (I started in May.) My supervisor said that was fine, and even said that if at 8 months (which is December) I was wanting to move on they would understand, just to give them a fair warning.

I have been casually browsing job opportunities online in the city I want to relocate to, but haven't been actively searching as I don't want to get a job offer that wants me to start in November or December when I haven't even told my supervisor yet that I am considering leaving. However, then I stumbled upon what could be a *dream job* for me. It's entry level, I meet all the requirements, it's at an awesome company with great benefits, etc. The application deadline closes on Friday so I really need to get my sh*t together if I am serious about this.

Excitedly, I sent a screenshot of the job listing to a friend of mine that lives in the city I want to move to who has been encouraging me this entire time to move. He says no way, I have a close friend of mine that used to work as a designer (what I am) at that exact business, I could ask him to put in a good word for you.

Here's the dilemma. This guy is on his honeymoon in Europe, and I do not know how long he will be there for, I am guessing a few weeks to a month, so my friend does not want to disrupt him. My friend said he is a really nice guy and would probably love to give me some advice once he returns. I am excited to chat with him, but I just wonder if it will be too late for him to put in a good word by the time he gets back?

Also, on LinkedIn, I found out that there are a few alumnae from my school that work at this business. It has many locations as it is a huge franchise, the location I am wanting to apply at is there headquarters. Some light LinkedIn stalking told me that one of the alumnae is the director of marketing at a different location. Would it be silly to reach out to them for advice for applying even though they are in a different location?

To sum it up, here are my questions for you all:
-Do you think it will be too late for the guy my friend knows to put in a good word for me at the company he used to work for? If it is too late, should I still try to network and ask him for any advice he might have for me? How should I begin this relationship with him?
-Should I reach out to the alumnae I know that work at the same business in a different location? Is it worthwhile?
-At what point should I tell my supervisor I am starting to look at other jobs? I really am not seriously looking, but when opportunities like this come up it is hard to pass up. I was thinking I should at least wait to see if I get a call for an interview before telling them I'm considering moving on?

Any feedback or advice you all have for me would be greatly appreciated.
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- For the current application process it's definitely too late. But it's never too late to network - I assume the guy on his honeymoon still has connections there. At the very least, if he ultimately vouches for you and you back it up, there's a much better chance that the company will consider you for another position or even create one for you.

- Yes, feel free to reach out to that alumnae. But frame it in the sense that you're looking to grow yourself as a professional down this particular career path. Don't make it sound like you're just trying to use them for info. Cultivate that relationship and keep it going.

- I get that you want to give your current employer a heads up, but whatever you do...DON'T talk about looking for another job any more. Even if they say they're okay with it, it just opens the door for them to get rid of you or cause you to stagnate at your current job. I would only say something once you have a solid offer on paper, and give them a standard courtesy of two weeks. Anything more is unnecessary - no company will love you unless you're a special case, so you have to look out for yourself in this sense.
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