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Is Working with Cheaters MORALLY FINE? (my job...)

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Old 9th September 2016, 6:46 AM   #1
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Is Working with Cheaters MORALLY FINE? (my job...)

I am freelancer who not long ago started in the uk to provide a service of letīs say: "performing" for people.

Although there are a lots of services that are "morally" just fine, one of the services that the clients ask more are the one who me myself I perform a character in which I am a friend, colleague, spontaneous (or whatever) and my job is to be at the right moment and the right place to cover up a false story of the cheater to make the husband (or the wife) belive it in a solid way. This often consists if the client wants of a long-term contract (maybe in one case i can be "the friend" of the cheater) and lot of times i end making a friendship with the cheated person! (which ironically it is more true that the one i usually have with my clients )

The problem is that for once in my life i finally discovered that iīm really good at something, and is giving me good money too to expand the business in the future if i want too (not sure how i would do this obviously) BUT at the other hand I think I harming a lot of people (or at least perpetuating the lie which finally will harm a lot of people).
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Do you possess one of those little gadgets called a moral compass? If so, pull it out and see which way the red needle is pointing.

Freelancer, eh? Are you a fixer, like Mr. Wolf?
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I understand your moral dilemma. I do my best to not only avoid harming anyone through my actions, but also by avoiding helping anyone else (potentially) harm anyone through their actions.

This has to be balanced with not harming myself, of course. So, I'd defend myself if attacked, for example, or harm the attacker of an innocent third party. At times the line can be very vague.

Can you make a living at this if you do not aid in deceptions of this kind? Can you find some other career that is less morally ambiguous?
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Sounds like you may be a personal or road manager to celebrities? Or is it CEOs? I know all about it. It's the smarmiest thing ever. I was in the music business and on tour buses quite a bit and saw how it all worked. I know they do it with musicians, athletes, and actors. I know CEO's and any business bigwigs basically get women pimped to them by clients, many of them hookers, some of them just women they're trying to use like hookers hoping they go along with it, and then those clients will cover for them. May even get them serviced while their wife is right there by dragging them away for a "private meeting, we won't be long." Conventions are rife with cheating setups.

It's smarmy, dude. It's the side of the business I didn't like. And I never met a touring musician (well maybe one) who wasn't taking advantage of having girl fans and a lot of them were actually just focused on getting to town early enough to hit the strip bar and get strippers to come service them. The personal managers controlled any surprise wives or previous locals who showed up expecting a warm reception and delayed them while they sent the message to the musician who was there. The going rules there for married guys seemed to be BJs aren't sex and therefore not cheating.

If you're worried about your soul, this won't do you any good. If you really only care about your pocketbook, it's probably about the same as being any other type of ruthless businessman who doesn't care about the people he hurts.

I've bearded for musicians before, friends, but it wasn't to fool the wife or girlfriend. I did it on occasions when they needed me to pose as the girlfriend to get a fan to give up and go away. I'd swoop in and act proprietary and then say we were late for something.
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Originally Posted by Amazid View Post
i finally discovered that iīm really good at something
Its like being a salesman. If you believe in the product, you will sell more of it.

You believe in what you are doing, that's why you are good at it. That said, does being the getaway driver for a bank robbery or the guy who supply's guns to gang members actually a criminal himself? He did not rob the bank, he did not shoot people with the guns. But he mad it possible to happen by someone else. He equipped them to do their dirty work.

Are you equipping people to cheat and get away with it? They pay you, and you act. So yes. Its your businesses, your income, and you enjoy it. So good for you. Keep helping guilty people get away.

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And here I thought this person worked with politicians!

Or in accounting.

Lol! On the aiding and abetting... Seriously I pray these forums are not setup to encourage illegal activity.

Would you tell a murderer .. Well you are great at it! So please continue on.. Because you are just... THAT... good.

OP, I'll be honest .. The post was convoluted and non specific to even draw an accurate summation of your true profession. So sorry, but best I can guess is you are not a writer or journalist. Nothing adds up .. So math is also not your calling either? What is your proper professional title?
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