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Crush on coworker and he has stopped being friendly with me,why??

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Crush on coworker and he has stopped being friendly with me,why??

I have a crush on a coworker. He isnt in my department but we cross over to eachothers departments alot.

I noticed him years ago and he always looked at me or said hello.

I did someone elses job and had to work with him and interact day in day out. He was always friendly and we started getting along really well. Eventually i left that department and went back to my own.

He started coming over talking to me and teased me alot (not mean)just playful .He would constantly yell out to me and say hello.

I realized recently i have developed a crush on him and its getting awkward. I am no where near as friendly anymore and he stopped seeking me out to talk to me. Theres been a bit of eye contact. I was talking to someone else and he automatically assumed i was talking to him. I was sick one day and he asked me why i was away.

Since i stopped being friendly he has started flirting with others. I dont want these feelings we will be moved on from this job in 2 months and wont see eachother again.
Ever since we found out we will be closing down i feel things are very intense. I am not coping very well with anything. I dont want this crush. I love my boyfriend. I will never ever cheat on him. But i want this crush to go away.
And i want to end my time here on good terms with
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He may just be someone who flirts with those around and convenient to flirt with. There's lots of people who falsely consider work a safe place to flirt because they are thinking it can't be acted upon anyway, so no risk to some mild flirting. You're dwelling on this guy too much for someone in a relationship, so the harm is already done there in a way.
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Be very, very careful. I'd argue you're just over the line into cheating territory already. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to be crushing on his co-worker, so don't do the same. Please do not entertain these thoughts ever again for any future co-worker; if you have any unhappiness with your boyfriend, tackle it together.
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The thread starter never came back after posting so we'll close this one up. If they return they can use the 'Alert Us' button to request the thread be reopened. ~6
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