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Contract Work

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Contract Work

I am currently working a 6 month contract for a company that I don't like and is 3 hours from my home. Can I resign from this company without resigning from the agency that placed me in the job? The agency that placed me provides my pay and benefits. I would like to leave but still be employed by the placement agency and leave the placement agency on my resume as currently employed. I have better chances of getting another job at home if I can do that. I have 20 weeks left on this contract but since they don't offer flex-time/remote and are extremely controlling and micromanaging, I want to move on asap!!! I also have kids who I never see due to this mess.
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So you have about five of the six months left to work on the contract.

I would approach the placement agency and explain that the commute is not feasible. You've tried hard to make it work, but both the distance and time spent en route are too much of a challenge. Explain that the client company won't allow telecommuting. Rather than quitting, you would like your agency to replace you with someone else at that client, and when another assignment closer to home comes in, to consider you for that opportunity.

Stay positive and keep the crappy work environment and micromanaging supervisor out of the discussion.
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My question is how does your agency deal with this? Can you talk to them about managing a transition with this client and put you somewhere else?

I've seen contractors leave for other projects mid-project or engagement. The place you're at may not like it but the best way to handle it with them professionally is to create a transition/hand off plan with some notice. I worked with one contract who left for something else with only 1 day of notice and it burned the bridge with the higher ups where I work.
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No of course you can't just quit at the client without talking to the placement agency.

But it's not fair of them to put you at a place 3 hours from your home. You need to talk to them, and make them figure out something better for you, or just move on. Those companies are a dime a dozen, and make big money off of your work. They are motivated to keep you.
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