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[negotiating lease after break-in]

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[negotiating lease after break-in]

Posting this here as this is the forum I know best and would likely get replies from more than any of the other sections.
Any advice ASAP would be good as I will speak to manager in the AM.
We rent in a VERY high end place. It's secured entrances, not just anyone can enter the building, it requires a "fob " which is an electronic swipe to open doors.
I rent an additional storage unit on our floor.
It takes a key to enter the main hall where my storage room is, then a second key to enter my private storage room.
I went in my room today and it was broken into. My things were in disarray and there are items in the room that aren't mine like weird spray paint cans and earplugs and pots of acrylic type paints. It's so creepy. The room was not spray painted or anything but products that were not mine were left behind, a decent amount of them too.
This happens RIGHT as I am able to renew my lease tomorrow. The rent just went up another 150 putting me at almost 2500 per month.
I am wondering how I can negotiate compensation and ask for $$ off the rent even or???
I feel violated and also I'm just not sure how this could happen, it's obviously a neighbor or someone in the office with a key or....?
Also some things are missing, hard to gauge how many but not extremely valuable just products given to me by my company. I don't know what to do.
I speak to the apartment manager in the morning so please tell me how to potentially negotiate a better rate per month in light of this finding today, my safety and my valuables were conpromised, does thid warrant a better deal by chance due to these findings or no?
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File a police report IMMEDIATELY.

Then you can decide if you want to renegotiate your lease. Personally, I would move...
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I did call the police, they took a few notes didnt seem shocked or concerned and left. The offuce was already closed for the day. You need 60 days notice to move. My re-signing is due tomorrow.

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That's scary private!! Can you change the locks? Can you start looking for another place to live?
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Originally Posted by Adoraxx View Post
That's scary private!! Can you change the locks? Can you start looking for another place to live?
I know. It wasn't my actual condo that was broken into it was the storage unit. We can't move because our lease is up and it would have taken 60 days notice to get out of it. We would pay through the nose to leave so I think I just won't use my storage unit anymore I guess.
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Well your rental agreement probably includes storage so since the building cannot provide you with a secure storage space maybe they will knock some dollars off the rent. Tell them now you will have to rent storage space somewhere else. Investigate the monthly cost of storage space and then tell them you would like that amount taken off your rent. Not saying they will go along with it but it's worth a try.
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