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Boss literally begging me to stay

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Old 3rd August 2016, 8:12 AM   #1
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Boss literally begging me to stay

Ok, i work in a small business, around 50 employees, i was planning on resigning from my position as department manager because i wanted to gain experience elsewhere and eventually start my own business.

However, when i told my boss about it last week, I THOUGHT he received the news well as you can read from my previous thread

But when i emailed my resignation letter yesterday with a one-month notice, he sort of panicked and literally begged me to stay... he offered to buy me a new company car that i can use for personal trips, one that i would own after 5 years. He even raised my salary on the spot... dang....

but i dont want to stay anymore. I dont know how to force my resignation without creating tension between us. But from what's been happening, i dont think i have a choice... im gonna have to burn bridges... sigh... any suggestion to how i face him professionally?
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Old 3rd August 2016, 8:23 AM   #2
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Best thing I have found in a couple of past situations that were similar is if I don't want to burn a bridge I explain it's about me and what I want to accomplish in life and unless he is going to hand you the keys to the business, you can't accomplish it there.

It's basically saying it's your dream to have your own business and the time is right for you. If it weren't for your own life goals you had a chance to achieve, you would love to stay there, you were happy with the management, the money, the environment...that's what makes it so hard to leave but you have a shot at fulfilling a dream and need to do that.

Just be complimentary, maybe mention something about if you were staying you wouldn't expect more money or a car...indicate his offer for more money and a car is awesome and appreciated but it wasn't about any of that and you were happy there. Basically let him know there was nothing he did wrong and nothing he could have done to change the situation.

I was careful to indicate that it was an opportunity that just kind of "popped up" at the perfect time, more or less trying to paint it something different than me plotting for a year or so to start a company.
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Old 3rd August 2016, 8:41 AM   #3
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If there is nothing he could offer to change your mind, then be extremely gracious and thank him for the opportunity and the time you've worked together. A reasonable person will understand.

However, if there is the potential for you to be happy in the company for awhile longer, then perhaps a negotiation is in order. Maybe you want a certain kind of management experience and a change in job description might make worthwhile for you to stay on a few more years. Sounds like you can almost write your own ticket if the potential exists within the company.

But if you know it can't happen (which seems to be the case), then make it a point to NOT burn bridges on the way out.
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Old 3rd August 2016, 3:47 PM   #4
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I'd agree with both the first two responses and add that he is likely facing some fears about how difficult it will be to replace you. Maybe offer to stay until he finds a replacement and you can train them up, but not longer than, IDK, 3 months?
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Thanks guys!

I did tell my boss i have no qualms about the company. And i was content with my salary (even though i wasn't)... I told him my reasons to leave were my own and not due to any shortcomings of the company. I spoke as respectful as i can be, yet he's still so stubborn. I even offered to find a replacement and train him/her as what @ntv said... Its already August, i guess there's no harm if i stayed for more than 2 months... but im definitely out next year... and i have to make it clear to him.
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