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Interview Process

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Interview Process

Is it customary not to hear back from a company after you've completed the interview process? What if you are an internal candidate? Is there a way to get feedback about what went wrong in the interview? I am an internal candidate and had 13 interviews in 3 1/2 weeks. I had 4 with one department and was basically told I had the job by the Recuriter and hiring manager however, when I inquired about the position a week after my final interview, all I've gotten is crickets. In the mean time, I got another job with another company in another town. I was only interviewed by one person for 34 minutes and they made the offer by the end of the day. However, it's a crap job but a job none the least. It's a large pay cut, only two weeks of PTO, no relocation assistance and a 6 month contact. Since my company is giving me the boot in a week or so and since I cannot get anyone from my company to provide feedback about my interviews, I decided to take the crap job. I am not saying a word about it to my current employer because I want the severance package. Still though, it's very upsetting and time-consuming to go through that whole process and not hear anything.
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Sorry, no advice on the process...

Just had to comment 13?!?! 13 freaking interviews? That sounds crazy. Why so many? Where they all with different people? What industry is this?

I thought my husband had to jump through hoops for his new job - 4 interviews (local, regional, national - and then a trip to the headquarters out of state).

I am going to count my lucky stars that I haven't had to interview since 2002 - gosh I hate interviewing!
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I had to interview four times for one position. Twice with the same person for an hour plus each time. Two interviews each for 2 more positions. I flown in for one of those and once each for 5 other positions. I was supposed to interview again for another position but, they wanted me to pay for last minute airfare and rental car out my own pocket for an internal job and I said no. I would have went if they paid the travel but $500.00 just for a possibility is just not worth it when you're on the chopping block.
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