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Split Shifts...ya or nay?

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Old 26th July 2016, 7:58 PM   #16
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"The other day I received an email from my supervisor. She told me I am choosing how to work my 40 hours a week schedule to benefit me by taking Wed and Friday off due to having to work 10-11 hour days twice a week"

My response would be that I respectfully disagree. I would say that I was 'choosing' to work that schedule to make up for the added burden of being required to stay until 7:30 and work longer shifts to accommodate clients on certain days.

I would add that to expect you to split shifts and waste gas and money traveling back and forth takes away from my personal time and I would ask the supervisor if that is something she would want to do personally, and before she had a chance to answer say, "Neither do I".

I would lay it out like this:
1. You require me to be at work in the morning for client meetings and at night late for client meetings, that is not my choice.
2. I am not allowed overtime.
3. This agreement has been in place for a while, I accommodate you and you accommodate me in return.
4. Asking me to drive back and forth to work twice a day is an additional burden I did not agree to nor are others asked to do so, if you live 2 miles or 2 hundred miles away it is irrelevant. In a week your house could blow up and you might be forced to live 25 miles away, that really is none of their business where you live.
5. Paying for gas for an extra 30 mile round trip adds up to a pay cut.
6. If it's a 15 minute drive in good weather it could be 1/2 drive easily in bad weather, construction or heavy traffic. You are taxing my personal time by forcing me to drive home or else force myself to keep occupied away from home.
7. What if on the days you leave early, you had a night job, or night class, or donated time at a soup you could not do that nor could you fit those things in between a split shift in reality.

The bottom line is they need you to dedicate 10-12 hours or whatever, 2 days a week but want you at work the other days for 8 hours but somehow keep it under 40 hours. They are placing the burden on you to give up your time and money for free, to accommodate them. So they want you available to the company for 48 hours or so but only charge 40.

Again, it's up to them to require that but I wouldn't go for that very long. In fact I would give them the fair solution of reassigning your late night clients to someone else and say I want to work until 4:30 every day like everyone else. If they simply can't do that then how could they afford to lose or fire you?
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Old 5th August 2016, 8:27 AM   #17
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Thanks Chat! I couldn't agree with you more on this!

I have left her email unanswered at this point. TBH, I am afraid I may say something I shouldn't out of anger, so it's just sitting in my inbox until I can get over being so angry about it.

My supervisor just recently resigned from the position and took over as Staff Resource Manager and another person has taken the spot as Supervisor. The new Supervisor that has been hired for the position is a friend and co-worker of mine. She has been with the company for 10 years, myself 13. I didn't want the position so I did not apply for it. Anyhow, she is going from one depatment to this one so I know a lot more about my position than she does. At this point, she doesn't know the struggles I am dealing with unless my former Supervisor told her. She hasn't said anything.

My former Supervisor who said I need to work split shift and is now Staff Resource Manager will be my Supervisors boss. I will have to go to her if I am having issues with the new Supervisor, my friend. Hope it doesn't come to that.

I have put this aside for now and going to do what I need to do. She told me not to worry about the split shifts at this time so I am not going to. So, I am going to take some time off early on a couple days rather than just all day on Friday so they can't bitch. We will see how that goes.
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